Friday, 28 August 2015

I Need Cash Now What Can I Do? - 10 Ideas to Generate Income

I Need Cash Now What Can I Do?

From time to time we all need quick cash, this might be for an emergency or it could be for an amazing investment opportunity. If you need cash fast then you might be thinking cash advances and cash loans are the answer. Before you take out these fast cash loans think about the alternatives. These instant cash payday loans are notorious for having a very high interest rate. Some of these lenders charge in excess of 4000% percent over a small period of time.

I Need Cash Now What are the Alternatives?

If you need money right now there are alternatives you could consider. I started a series of blog post titled I need money right now. These blog posts have become incredibly popular; these posts give ideas and suggestions on how to make money really quickly. These ideas and suggestions are completely legitimate and legal so if you put your mind to it you can end up accumulating wealth very quickly. I have summarized all the posts below. Before you check out these ideas don't forget to check out the following posts on making money quickly. You can find more legal and legitimate ideas to make money

If you’re experiencing hardship then you should visit the USA.Gov website to look for financial help from the government. Some of these financial assistance packages include rental assistance, military financial assistance and even advice on debt management and debt consolidation.

As always feel free to share some of the ideas and suggestions on this post with others who might find it useful. Also feel free to leave a comment below as it’s always nice to hear from readers. 

I Need Cash Now IDEAS

1 Sell Blood, Hair and Breast Milk for Money - There are websites that will pay you for good quality hair and breast milk. You can also visit blood banks to donate plasma in exchange for compensation.

2 Baby Sitting, Pet Sitting and House Sitting for Money - This is a great way to supplement your income. If you have time on your hands you could baby sit or even pet sit when families go on holidays. If you're looking for a rent free existence you could house sit and get paid for looking after and maintaining the property.

3 Look for Loose Change - You'll be surprised at how much you could make just by looking for loose change. If you know where most people lose their money you could supplement your income nicely.

Sell Your Clutter on Craigslist - Having clutter just creates negative feelings. Giving all your unwanted and unloved items away will help to clear your home and increase your bank balance.

5 Return Recent Purchases for Money - If you're strapped for cash then return some of your recent purchases. Chances are you splurged and now are struggling to make ends meet. You have the right to return the items and improve your cash-flow.

6 Recycle Scrap Metal for Money - Scrap metal is big business. If you can collect scrap metal, old phones, appliances and frames in your neighborhood you could make a lot of money in your spare time.

7 Rent out Parking Space - Parking comes at a premium. If you have space in a prominent location where parking is in demand you could charge between 100 and 200 dollars each month for parking.

8 Sell Crafts on Etsy - If you love making arts and craft this is perfect for you. Unleash your creativity and sell items which are handmade and in demand. If your product takes off you could produce a nice stream of passive income.

9 Amazon Mechanical Turk - If you can spare a few hours every day you could do mundane repetitive tasks on mechanical turn to earn money. Most jobs are data entry and require high levels of concentration.

10 Volunteer for Medical Testing - This is one of my favorites. If you're prepared to be a guinea pig you could earn between 500 and 5000 dollars depending on which trial you take part in.


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