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#2: Can I Ask Warren Buffett for Money? (With Contact Details)

Warren Buffett is the most successful American business magnate who made all of his wealth investing in the stock market. Buffett is widely recognized as the greatest investor of our time and is now playing a key role in philanthropy.

The billionaire philanthropist was born in 1930 and now at the age of 82 (2013) has been credited with creating one of the greatest charitable organization - The Giving Pledge with friend Bill Gates. This non profit organization invites millionaires and billionaires across the world to pledge half of their wealth to help people in need. Since the inception in 2008 the member’s have surpassed one hundred signatories and includes the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros and Eli Broad.

Help Need Money Now! Ask Warren Buffett for Help

Warren Buffett does not have his own charitable foundation, instead he is aligned to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation which was founded by his late wife. The contact details for both these charitable organizations can be found below. If you need urgent financial assistance then you can try contacting the foundations below for help.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
500 Fifth Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98102
Telephone: (206) 709-3100

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation
222 Kiewit Plaza Omaha
NE 68131
Telephone: (402) 943-1300

If you're experiencing financial hardship and need help with financial problems such as debt consolidation, debt relief, military financial assistance, mortgage assistance or financial assistance for pensioners it's worth asking this foundation for help. Warren Buffett is one of the greatest billionaires and millionaires giving money and its definitely worth the effort to contact him for money.

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  7. Hi there Warren. My names Adrian. I am from Harlingen,Texas. I recently lost my job in April 2013. Its now August and Ive managed to work side jobs left and right, but I havent been able to make enough to pay my mortgage. I am now near foreclosure. Warren, can you help me out? Can you help me save my home? Ive got a campaign going on and it would be a delight if you would support me just a tiny bit. Thank you for taking time to read this. Here is the link to my campaign.

  8. Good day Mr. W Buffett my name is Dawie Fourie, I am asking for some help. I want to go study to become an IT Technician, my father recently lost his business and they can't help me financially to study, they struggle to get through the months as this creates a lot of stress in the family and they feel guilty that they can't help me to go study. Information Technology is my passion and I love working with computer. I am asking for a Donation so I can study and buy a small car for transportation to get me from point A to B, where point A will be my house and point B will be the college. I live in South Africa, where work is scarce and you need qualifications to get a job. I would appreciate it if someone can help me to pursuit my dream and passion.

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  9. I am a single mother of three and I had a job up until three weeks ago. I was an independent contractor and she didn't let me know she had no work until almost a week later bills are pilling up and I just want another month to find a job. I have applied for 3 already and haven't heard anything. I will pay the money back when tax time comes around. I just don't like to stress about bills and usually don't need to. I realize this may never be read but if it is please take it into consideration. I don't need much just 2500 to catch me up and maybe get my children some school clothes. my number is 3175005285 and my email is

  10. AOFM, INC and Hannah's House Complex is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are located in a very rural, small county in Florida. 113 N 7th avenue Wauchula, FL
    Our website is We help women and children who have experienced domestic violence and/or are homeless. The need is great. We have had to refer at least 3 women with nine children to go to counties other than ours because our shelter and low rent apartments are filled up presently. We help the women get back on their feet through medical, emotional, financial, educational and vocational assistance. Our utility bills have been through the roof and we would like for you to consider donating $30,000 for a new solar powered system for the shelter. We could also use one for the apartment complex, since we have to include the utility bills in the rent, but we have not yet had that appraised. Anything would help for sure. We are also in need of $8500 to make the water where it is drinkable. This past year has been very difficult since we only received one small grant and we are experiencing a lull in donations. Operational monies have not been there. We have had to tighten our belts so much that the majority of our staff are working for free. We are presently behind in some of our bills, which has not been the case in years past. Please consider us for assistance. We presently have 11 women in our shelter with 3 children and 16 women in our apartments with 9 children. We have one lady in the wings waiting to move in that has three children. Please help us. If you have any further questions, please email me as in my Open ID.
    Thank you so much!

  11. Hello,I hope people on here take heed to what I’m writing on here and read closely.
    My name is Jeff McCarter and recently I have been struggling alot and sweating alot too,so here it goes.
    I wrote a check to cover my rent and car payment in July and apparently the checks have bounced and I have until the 16th of August to pay the checks off or face jail time and on top of that my car might be repossessed as well if I can’t pay $500 towards the car by the 16th of August.I thought there were enough funds to cover the checks but just not enough.
    The car is a 2003 Ford Mustang GT and it has sentimental value because I got the car the very same day my lovely mother passed away on March 30th 2012,and my dad,Harold Jerry McCarter passed away 3 weeks later.(you can google Judith Gail McCarters death from last year in S.C.)
    I don’t know what else to do but keep believing that God will get me out of this mess and restore my life back to better than before.
    Also the property taxes are past due on the car as well and need the funds to pay that.
    So I need in total a round about figure of $2500 to $3500 to get back on my feet(I’m not suppose to be driving the Mustang but pray rhat the car is invisible to police)
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    My plan is to be a manager trainee at The Waffle House and go back to work,I’ve already spoke with a manager of The Waffle House and was told they need managers and are training.
    Any help will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.May the Lord bless and prosper you.
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    1. I hope you are doing well . I hope you can help me and my family. We are about to lose our home we owe 5000 on our house .Everything was going well when my husband lost his job and I am the only one working if you can help me with this amount I will be able to save the house and hopefully my husband will find a job real soon if you would like to speak with us my name is betty brads haw and my husband is randy brads haw .We do have 2 sons that are disabled really hope you can help us. you can contact us at email me at
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  16. Hi I am trying this way for the first time in my life. I am a hard working female holding down a full time who has made many financial mistakes. I am desperate to find someone who would lend me £5000 to get myself out of the bad debt that I am in. I cannot get a loan because my credit is bad. I am in this rut and do not seem to be able to get out of it. I have a lovely daughter and beautiful grandson who I love very much but sadly whilst this should be the happiest time of my life it cannot be with this debt on my shoulders.
    I am hoping that someone might be able to give me the chance I need.
    Thank you for your time.

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  18. Hello, I would like to introduce myself, I am Sarah a mother of two amazing children ages 11 and 5. A couple of years ago I became sick and ended up loosing my job, my house and my car. I ended getting in housing that went off my income (which is 356.00 a month) My children and I reside in a complex that is taking a toll on us. My son gets bullied, and in turn is causing him to want to hurt himself due to the anger not only of being bullied but because his father has never been in his life. He thinks at times he would be better off not here. We have sought out counseling and are working with that to build up his self esteem and knowing that he is worth the world. My daughter she is a chameleon and is adapting to the environment, but thats the problem, I don't want her too. This environment is so negative. The things kids see and even adults. I am so trying to seek some financial help as I am trying to leave this place in Pennsylvania and move to Georgia. I have a strong feeling that is where I am suppose to finally plant my feet and raise my children. My children even ask me, "mom when are we moving"? My heart breaks for them, and I know my situation is not the worst, but it is not the best either. For my family I just want to give them the happiness they so deserve. My children are my world, I stay home and care for them 24/7. I am not at the bars, the clubs, out all hours, I am home trying to prepare them for the world. Tears roll down my face as I envision a house, a yard, possibly a dog (lol). The smiles on my kid's faces is what matters to me. There is so much more that I could tell you, but I won't take up anymore space. Feel free to email me at or or or 814-671-7000 I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you , God Bless, and keep smiling Taking a leap of faith asking this.

  19. I never thought I would do this but here I am and since I already have nothing to loose, why very simply,

    I had a failed business and due to my qualifications it was hard for me to get any job. My trade certification requires me to have a clean bill of health but I am not. Because of that I couldn't go back to the industry I was in. I then decided to venture into a business which has gotten me no where.

    Fast forward....I never gave up and kept looking for opportunities.
    I only just got hired although not the best paying job but it doesn't matter right now.

    The thing is I have completely exhausted whatever I had left and I need to get through the few months so I can put food on the table and a roof over my family's head plus pay for bills, debts etc.

    I only need financial help till I am completely back on my feet. I know there are millions out there who are worse off so I am willing to return back what I am requesting for so that it can be put to good use for others.

    By this weekend, I might be living on the streets. I don't even know where to begin on how to tell y wife and kids. I have been protecting them all this while and now I have no shield left. Christmas is coming but I fear we will not be able to get through it.

    Please help me. Deep down I know you will but I will never hold it against you if you don't.

    Mr. Gabriel
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  20. Greetings in the name of Jesus,

    My name is Irene Pakasi Karundeng. I'm 50 years ols. Me and my husband are doing ministry in Indonesia.
    We have vision to help people in needs in the villages. We have distributed lots of stuffes like: foods, medicines, books and bags for schools in the past 10 years.
    But because of the government regulation, we have stopped doing this. The government have charged us to pay lots of money to release the containers from some countries. And we have not that much money.

    So now we are doing ministries in the Islands of SABU & SUMBA, which is lost of animist there.
    We have about 7 villages without church building, on our previous ministry.
    Tomorrow we will go again, with the team to do ministries there. We bring new clothes and shoes, shoap etc for them. Its all from the team.
    But we have no money to build their church building and public toilets.
    We have new believers in those 7 villages, they gave their own land for free,, but has no meney to build.

    Would you like to help those precious people who are really need church buildings and public toilets, please???
    We need US$3.500 for each very simple church building, and US$300 for each public toilets.
    The total amount is US$26.600.
    They used to pup in their farm under the tree, with holding a stick to cast the pigs away.

    Your donation will help lots of people to worship the Lord God as Christians, and having healthy life with the public toilets.

    My English is not really good but I've tried my best.
    We are expecting miracle happends,, and praying that the Lord will touch your heart to make this mision succesful. And those people happy.

    If there is anything you need to know about us and the ministries,,,I would love to let you know.

    We are expecting good news from you, through my email address:

    May The Lord bless you abundantly !!

    Irene Pakasi Karundeng

  21. Hi Mr. Buffet. I am a 56 year old seperated woman. I have three children, and two grandchildren. Unfortunately I am in a nursing home diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I am wheelchair bound, in constant pain, leg spasms, etc. I would like to get a stem cell treatment for a better quality of life. I ask for your help please. My fees are approximatey $12,000. My email is bdawnita @gmail. com.

  22. Hello Mr. Buffet
    After my father died of cancer I always said that I want to do something to give back because of the way the American Cancer society helped my father. So I have come up with something called Text America. I have presented my idea to Shane Bevilacqua with the American Cancer Society and he is now presenting it to the board of the American Cancer Society for approval. I am also planning a charity event to be held at the Ocean Center here in Daytona Beach Florida where the moneys raised will be presented to the American Cancer society. I am needing sponsorship for the venu, food and drinks and live entertainment. Please help me make this event a success. Shane Bevilacqua contact info is Florida Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.1737 N Clyde Morris Blvd Suite 140 Daytona Beach, FL 32117 , Phone: 321-253-0361 | Fax: 386-274-5582. Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions. Or you can contact the Ocean Center Directly Brandy Alter
    Event Coordinator

    Thank you for making my event a success.

    Tammie Sigg
    30 Circle Creek Way
    Ormond Beach Florida 32174

  23. Hello Mr. Buffet
    Please help me! I'm in a desperate situation.I lost my job and my health condition became preacarious. I need 1000 euros.Thank you very much and God bless you! RO27INGB0000999903662854

  24. I hope you are doing well . I hope you can help me and my family. We are about to lose our home we owe 5000 on our house .Everything was going well when my husband lost his job and I am the only one working if you can help me with this amount I will be able to save the house and hopefully my husband will find a job real soon if you would like to speak with us my name is betty brads haw and my husband is randy brads haw .We do have 2 sons that are disabled really hope you can help us. you can contact us at email me at
    Thank you
    Betty and Randy Brads haw
    9212 S 7 TH Place
    Phoenix AZ 85042

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  27. Hi, my name is Sarah Turner. I've been reaching out to my community for about a month but i havnt found any help yet, I first want to tell you a little bit of my story. i have three beautiful children Elijah who is 5, Ella who is 3, and Emily who is 1. when Ella was three months old she was diagnosed with failure to thrive and has lived between home and the hospital. It's a constant battle to get her to eat and get her weight up she still isn't on the growth chart but she is trying hard :) she has a mountain of medical bills and medical needs that we can no longer keep up with because a year ago when Emily was born I had to stop working due to my health which started declining during my pregnancy with her, a few weeks before i was to deliver i experienced severe pain under my right rib and immediately went to the hospital. Shortly after a few tests and scans were done the doctor and his nurse rushed and and told me they had to take the baby right away because i was in kidney failure and my life and the babies was in danger. Emily was born a happy healthy beautiful girl and i was taken for more tests and surgeries. Several surgeries and medications later i was doing better. then a months later everything started going down hill again, they found out i had Lupus and RA. It's a struggle everyday but I will never give up and let Lupus win! So as you can imagine with only my husband working and between my medical costs and Ella's it has been extremely hard to pay the bills we have and we are losing where we are staying because we aren't able to pay all of our rent anymore. So I thought I'd reach out to my community for help and prayers for my family. I'm asking that you please pray for our family and ask your friends to do so as well, and I do know that it is hard times for everyone right now but i have faith that someone will be able to help us either financially or materialistically, if there is anyway that you or someone you know would be able to help us out financially I've set up an account with Go fund me which is a safe and secure way to donate the link to it is any amount helps! You can also contact me at my email at i really need to get the down payment for a home before we dont have a place to go if there is any way you can help please do. thank you so much for your time and prayers God bless.

  28. hi my name is Sami, I am 47 year old, I need one more chance to build my self and I need your help.

    I sharing my life with you. I was work since 1987 on ship as a soldier. I do hard work 24 hour job on ship. Then I saving the money and come to USA in since 1997 then I build the business in Orlando FL, I buy the 2 store, one c-store and another beauty supplies. And I am making good money, and I got married in since 2000. I am happy to support my wife and brother or sisters overseas. then few year later, my brother told me that why don't you come do business in our country, they told me nice business idea's that they are make my mind, I think lots, that I live 15 year without my bother and sisters, in this 15 year I didn't mate my families so I can go and meet them as my wife too in since 2000, I sell my business in good idea. I transfer my hole money to my sister account. she build the trust in my heart, and I trust her. I go back to my country and when I put my first step on my country I feel I came in heaven. And I happy to saw my families. in few days I told to my sister that can you transfer my money in my account she skip the city and run way. in few month my brothers throw me out from home. And tell me never came back cause you didn't have nothing left, and I fight lots but nobody help me, I knock each and every door official help from person ,police , government and each and every place that anybody help me, and no one help me, even nobody help me to gave ticket money so I can go back to USA. then my wife with me all the time she didn't leave me alone then I do small job, I try to make money for I can buy the ticket. I was struggles lots in 5 year in my country, and I got my ticket and back to my country USA. in after few year later. I got heart attack in 2007 and now I real broking heart man. they my wife and kids came in USA in 2010. then and I still struggling in USA. I can't do anything for my kids and wife. I do just 40 hour week job I make $350 week, I want to gave roof to my kids cause I feel that I never know how much I have time in my life after heart attack. I need someone help me for buy me business then I build my self again one more time.I lost my everything but not confidence if someone help me. I need one more chance in my life. I learn my life never do trust anyone in your life. Thanks for reading my store cause I want to tell u my store cause I don't want cheat anyone. I believes in GOD they build me again cause they send you like a angers to me. and one thing i am not asking money. i need business. THANK YOU

    my contact my number 407-600-2163

  29. Melvin (Shorty) is a wonderful man who tries his best to help others as much as possible. His now ex-wife left him about 2 years ago and made the divorce a rough one. It stressed him out something fierce, especially when he discovered that she had been taking several hundred dollars from the account before leaving. In July 2012, he turned 50. Less than 2 weeks after his birthday, he had a stroke. The local hospital rushed him to Saint Luke’s in Kansas City to run test and try to locate the cause of the stroke. During the tests, they found a lump on his neck. A specialist was called in and confirmed that it was cancer. Before they could do any treatment, he had a biopsy to try to locate the source, which they never found. During the biopsy, they removed his tonsils just to be on the safe side. Next his teeth had to be removed because of a degenerative disease in his gums (his mom also has it). The radiation would have caused his bone to soften and more problems if a tooth needed pulled. Within a month and a half, he had a stroke, cancer, tonsils out, and teeth removed. He began treatment, 45 rounds of radiation and 3 rounds of chemo. Half way in, he became really ill. He was placed in the hospital and was told he had C-Diff (a horrible intestinal disease that comes with a smell of death and the same smell as a taste in the mouth). They decided to put in a stomach feeding tube while he was in the hospital. The day after the feeding tube was put in, he had a massive clot go through heart and into his lungs. This almost killed him. He was told that his only option was to try an experimental drug to dissolve the clot, but was told that he would probably still die. He agreed to the drug and pulled through. After all this, he required around the clock care. His sister in law offer to take care of him for a couple weeks, during which time she stole almost $1000 from him. My family and I moved him in with us to care for him. All his stuff was moved out of his house and it was put up for rent, to try to generate an income during this. When his stuff was moved, a lot of it was taken by his family, so he lost a lot of his possessions that he needed for his work. He’s a rancher. His truck was even messed up by someone who said they were his friend, but they are not getting it fixed or anything. He finally completed his treatments and January 2013 he was told he was cancer free. Since then, his health has been getting better and better. He’s even back to work. But his finances are consistently getting worse. He had taken a $30,000 loan before he got sick to help pay for stuff from his divorce and some other bills. Paying this bill alone every month takes about half of his check.
    He has helped so many people and asked nothing in return. He won’t even ask for help, so I am asking for him. $30,000-40,000 would help get him out of this hole and get him back on his feet. Please, Pleases, Please help?
    If you have any questions or would like more information. My name is Alicia Beets and my email is

  30. My name is Ronald kimber and I have a wife and a 14 year old son. This is the first time in years I had to ask someone for help,but I really need your help right now sir. I have a part-time job. I make $200 dollars a week,that pays the bills. We have no food to eat,but welfare tells me I make to much money. My wife doesn't evev know I'm doing this right now. But it doesn't hurt to ask. I put in job apps but no ones hiring right now. I live in Michigan. I don't know if you will get this letter. But Thank You anyway.I'm going to lose my house at the end of this month,but I only want to get them something for Christmas. If you could help me please.


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  35. In Need of Assistance

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  36. reqquest money to save my total life saving

    Respected Madam / Sir,

    Firstly I give you my small introduction .I am 43 Years old Salaried Person My income is very low my salary is this time is only 8,000/- (Indian Rupees )per month .I live In Ropar (Punjab)( India) Since last eight years. My life is going to be simple & good but from last three months I had in deep trouble. At 20.11.2013 I take decision that now I plan for small own Home for this purpose I made an agreement with Mr.Ranjit singh Who is owner of that house whom I decided to purchase it. This decision not good for me According this Agreement I give Two Lac.(Indian Rupees) on same day & want three months time to pay rest of money Eight Lac (Indian Rupees) whom I planned to borrow from bank. But that Person did not disclose that this house is in under redline(The Property Which Have No Legal Records In Registry Department). Bank refused to pay me any type of loan against this house due to under redline property. Now I am frustrated because my all saving is now going to be vanish.

    I request you Kindly help me for facing this great trouble .Kindly give me financial help to sort-out this problem.

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    Gurvinder Singh
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  37. So much going on to difficult to tell it all. I am on dialysis 12 years and trying to get re-listed after 9 1/2 years on the list but must show financial committment (the poor are discriminated). We have twin daughters and 8 grandchildren who left a polygamist abusive husband/father 3 years ago. Husband sentenced to 7 years prison but still don't have a custody agreement. One of our daughters and 5 children have been living with us. She just barely got a minimum wage job 3 months ago. Both hubby & I on disability but I am wanting to do medical billing and coding through Career Step but too expensive. It would allow me to work from home and do it around my home hemodialysis. Recently we visited our soldier son (who just left this weekend for his 4th tour to afghanistan --- yes FOURTH tour) in TN and found a great property we would be able to have our daughter and grandkids come with us. It is only $55K with payments of just $200(?)/month something we could afford. It is on 3 acres and has a great morton building we thought we could convert to a nice 4-5 bedroom home for our daughter. This way she could have her own place but we would be there to help out when she is working, help with homework, watch the kids etc. Problem is because of our debt (lost my job almost 4 yrs ago - worked at WalMart while I was also on dialysis for almost 7 years) our credit is too low to get a loan for this property. We just need someone to help us get financing for this property so we can settle down with our dogs, dialysis, a bit of land to have chickens and continue to help our daughter and grandchildren and be a good support system for them. Personal financing for this home. Also needing to raise money so I can get back on the transplant list. Here is my story on FB make sure to read "about". Here is my fundraising page for my transplant journey Please help me in whatever way you can. Blessings & Peace -

  38. Mr. Bufet I am talking to you, with all the shame that I have to ask for your help in my financial problems. I am 48 years old, we have three childrens that depends of us, my husband is that type of person that likes to work hard but since a year he can't find a job righ now. I am very sick, the doctor diagnosed me with cancer (Lymphoma nohawkins) since the diagnoses came we have had a lot of problems more that we have ever had but with the help of some friends and God we are able to buy foods, pay bills, rent etc. When I arrive home from quimio I go into the kitchen and start cooking food such as tamales, empanadas, gorditas to sell so we can make some money to pay the rent but sometimes I can't do it, I can't hold all of this, I don't feel good some times the quimio is hard although some times God help me. The docter said that I need rest after quimo and I don't do it .I try and try to make some food for my kids and always tell my children that we will be able to make it thorough with a better house (This is our dreams) that they have their own rooms. I believe that we are a people that like to work but with all of these problems I don't know what to do. We try our best to make everything change for better. This is frustrating for me to know that I can't be there for my children the right way as a mom because quimio for Lymphoma is very stressing for me and puts me in a worst situation but just thinking everyday to earn a bit of money to pay for the rent is all I need that can help us. Please don't forget me I hope that you help us. I truly would give all my life to help my husband and children. They notice whenever I feel sick and it makes me feel bad. This is so frustrating and it's all about the money, some prescriptions I can't afford, rent and another problems I have about the quimio and I cant attended my children or medicine for me to feel better because I don't have money. Sometimes my ten years old son is sad seeing me like this and I know that they feel sad. Its not fair for them to feel like this when they can be happy, at that edge all of this make cry. It's very sad for me to ask because I never thought I would ask for help but I am very desperate right now and we need your help. Please I request you kindly for your help. My name is olga and my E-mail es and my address : 4 date ave Chula Vista ca 91910 Thank you so much and god bless you.

    Olga Castro

  39. hello,sr.i i am some one living half life in this world.i employed in individual house to wash dirty dishees..i have no freedom.they shout at me as i am hand caped and couldn't work properly..please i swear you to help me,i have nothing to eat rite now and begging on the is my email,

  40. Hi! My name is Christine Oser and I am desperately in need of financial assistance. I am the only person over 18 in my household that is currently employed. My employer is suffering also, so I'm not sure how stable my job is right now. I am a mother of 2 teens and my oldest is expecting her first child any day. There have been many reasons and contribute ion ons to our financial decline, but I believe that I have been the largest problem and am trying desperately to correct the issue.
    In 1993 I was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid arthritis after the birth of my second child. Due to the diagnosis and the pain I was experiencing, I was prescribed narcotics. I developed an addiction to the opiates and when they were no longer prescribed legally, I started buying off the streets.
    I depleted our savings account and also got late on bills.
    I have since gotten treatment for my addiction, and have been trying to make up for the damage I caused ever since.
    Unfortunately, my husband was laid off from his construction job and has been unable to find employment in the field. He's 50 years old. My 19 year old daughter is pregnant with her first child and she and her boyfriend live with us.
    Our roof is damaged and leaks in the rain and we are 2 months behind on our mortgage.
    Please help me get a head start so I'm not constantly taking backward steps.
    Thank you in advance for your time!
    -Christine Oser


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    I'm 23 years old young man from Poland and really need help.
    Since I was a kid I was the one who was cleaning the house, taking care of my siblings,

    cooking meals and doing all the house stuff.
    I lived in my parents house but I have never been in good relationship with them but it

    wasn't so terrible. Three years ago i borrowed a money from the bank for my first laptop.
    I wanted to learn programming and earn better money. But I lost a job and stopped to pay

    the debt.
    I really had no money, no job for four months amd my parents decided to cast me away.

    They just packed all of my stuff and threw it out of the house. So i had no job,

    literally no money, a debt, I was paying for my studies, it was late October so it

    started being cold here. I was homeless for about one and a half month. I found a job

    after 3 months of not living with my parents. I earn minimal wage. It's about 400$ a

    month here. I paid about 600$ already and what's left is somewhere about 3000$ or so.

    Most of this are interests and other charges because my bank was impatient and they want

    whole ammoutn at once. So now I have a debt collector. It means if I earn more than

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    how it was when I lived with my parents. I pay for the room I rent, I pay some money to

    debt collector, bus money, and so on. The money I have for food is about 50$ a month.

    Usually I don't eat dinner but only bread. I lost about 33 pounds so now I'm skinny

    compared to what was before. My health isn't good at all because of that, I lost my

    concious twice last week. I have suicidal thoughts since half a year.. I really would

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    Sorry if grammar was really bad. I'm still trying to be better at English.
    Thanks if you could help me.


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  51. If someone could please help my family out. I am a single mother with 2 small children aged 3 and 6 . We live in a small town and I work at a flower shop which only really pays enough to cover my rent and some of my bills . I just need some help getting us back on our feet. Anything will help my PayPal is thanks for reading

  52. Hello my name is Patsy,

    I am a victim of the recession that they claim is over but I can't tell. When I lost my job in 2008 I managed to keep my head above water. Around 2010 still not being able to find a job, things started getting bad. In June of 2011 I took on taking care of my oldest granddaughter because of an unnecessary custody battle with a stranger (long story), I am still taking care of her. In 2012 I moved back to Florida in the hopes of finding a job but I didn't find one and I spent all of my money staying in a hotel and when it ran out I ended up in a shelter where I stayed for 9 1/2 months and was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and PTSD. I am still looking for a job and still can't find one. Not one close enough to work into picking up my granddaughter anyway; and I have no one to pick her up and watch her until I get home. I tried to get daycare and they told my that they don't have any daycare vouchers unless she is 5 or under. I have tried everything to try and get a car but I just can't afford it, I can't even afford furniture for my house we have a bed and that's all the furniture we have. I signed up for and I am still on the waiting list but it seem like it takes a long time, I see people who have been there for up to 4 years. I don't have a long list of friends, like I had when I had money; it's kind of hard. So if you read my story and can help and know anyone else that can help I would appreciate it, I am just looking for some help to get back on my feet. A car would help me do this, because I would have the transportation that I need to get to the jobs that am being offered and get back on time to pick up my granddaughter. So please help if you can, even if it's just $1.00 dollar every little bit counts. Thank you in advance.
    Thank you,
    Patsyann Wheeler.
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  53. Please help an awesome group of kids go to Disney. GULF HIGHLANDS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHORUS
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  54. First of all I want to let you know if I was not really in need to ask for help I would not do it. But , I am fed up of leaving like crazy every day. My husband has been through so many surgeries and bills just piling up which are killing us. His last spinal surgery was this past December 20th, 2013. And he is not better at all he is in so much pain. He needs therapy 3 times a week only afford 2 times He does not work and I do not either we are both disabled. But don't qualify for anything we pay $926 per month for health insurance. And i need to pay my part for the total knee replacement I am suppose to have on June 12th,2014. With so many surgeries out of town we had to ask for a home equity loan and it is killing us every year they raise it for $100 more and lives us with nothing. We still owe $20,000 on it and it is killing my husband. Just want to payoff the house and medical bills, and have something extra to take my husband somewhere and cheer him up. Too many years of suffering surgery after surgery.
    I have proof of all his surgeries and house bill. If anyone is willing to help us I give you thanks from the bottom of my heart.
    Thank you

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  57. Hi my name is George, I am writing this to hopefully get some help. I am a working man and have a job but i am so far behind and am in despart need of help. I am a devorced and get my kids every other weekend . I currently pay $660 in child suport amonth plus my rent is $720 . This is my pay a month. dont leave money for anything else. I have a outstanding gas bill (propain) of over $800 that i can not pay. an as of this week i have a garnishment comming out of my check for a medical bill . they are taking about $200 a pay out of my check every pay which comes out to be $400 a month. With this i will not be able to pay my rent . I will become homeless. I have alot of medical bills as well. I have a vain trouble in my right leg. my leg swells and i get sores on my feet called ulcers . There is nothing at this time medically that the dr's can do to stop this from happening. The only thing is to wear support stockings and compression wraps to try an help controle it. I also get and have cellulitus from this every 4-6 moths for about the last 3-4 years . This causes me to be hositalized for iv antibiotics for anywere from 2 days to a week. depending on how the meds work. I have dreams of hopefully one day of opening like a wood shop were i would custome make wooden things. examples are furniture, villages , bird houses, benches ,exc..That way when im working i will not be on my feet for 8 hrs or more . so my legs would not bother me as much.. If anybody has anything to give or can help in any way it would be wonderful. I would promiss to pass the joy of helping others as soon as i can get on my feet agian. pass the joy and love..

    Thank you for any help at all ,


  58. Dear Mr. Buffet
    Where do i begin I just don't know what to do what i am asking is for some strong advise and help. I have been working for this small time attorney for the past 4 years. Since the begining of my employment he and the case manger have not been paying me on time. More now than ever they owe me at least 10 weeks of pay and I can't seem to get them to pay me I explain that I have to pay my bills and they alway have excuses that they need to pay this and that the worse thing I am here in the office and handled all affaris with clients and explaining to them whats going on. He has moved on to work for the City Attorney's office. i have been late paying my rent and all my bills worse of all i had to take title loan so i can pay my bills now i am getting ready to default on it. I have asked for assistance and been turn away because for one reason or another no funding left, or i don't have income coming for next months rent, i go to food bank for assistance, I'm getting ready to file complaint to labor commission both attorney and his assoc. but they are going to say that i am independent contractor, which i feel i am not was getting paid by check and was never told that i was. they stop paying me by check and was given cash here and there a few hundred or more. I need help don't know what to do. anymore. He has bar complaints and they are founded I can be mean and go the the bar but i'm afraid. Please help or advise me. I'm just so lost and stressed out.

  59. hi we are a young family from Eastern Europe have left her home because of poverty, with God's help we got in London where we live now, we've been married for six years, this year the snow god gave a beautiful baby named Jacob, I work in construction as Groundworker wife worked intro thousand factory technician engineer, presently working wife not stay with our little baby, I'm self employd temporary work when I work when I have, I always dreamed I have a house I stay with my wife and my child only with no other people in the house where I pay £ 470 per month without biluri ask for help from those who have the opportunity to help me a lot thank you can contact me on the email address thousand arxconstructionlondon @ yahoo. or ANY donation directly to my paypal address thanks god bless.


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