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#4: Can I Ask Ellen for Money? (With Contact Details)

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is many things, she’s a stand-up comedian, an actress, a television host, and she is also the host of the Ellen DeGeneres Show since 2003. Ellen is widely recognized as one of the most generous celebrities in America giving away homes and cars to her fans.

If you’re experiencing some sort of hardship and need help then you could ask Ellen DeGeneres for financial assistance, Ellen does not have a charitable foundation but she does give out large donations on her show. The best way to contact the chat show host is to go to her website and then find the ‘Be on the Show’ link which allows you to contact Ellen direct through her website.

There are several options that you could choose from depending on your circumstances, you can (1) Share an act of Kindness, (2) Ask for a Home Makeover, (3) Nominate a Deserving Person in Need, (4) Promote talented kids or you can choose to send an email direct to Ellen.

If you’re thinking about contacting Ellen then the link to her website and all the options are given below. To stand any chance of getting help you need to have a genuine need and be prepared to go on the show.

#5: Send Email direct to Ellen 

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#4: Can I Ask Ellen for Money?
#: Find Philanthropists in Your Country or State

If you need urgent financial assistance you should visit USA.Gov to see all the financial help that's available from the Government. Mortgage assistance programs, financial assistance for pensioners, debt consolidation advice and military financial assistance are all the programs that might be able to help you.


  1. Please read my story and decide if you can help me through this dilema. I have never had to ask for help for anything but I am at the end of my rope and need help. I have been foreclosed on by Bank of America, N.A. because I was unemployed in this bad economy, I was late on payments, I tried to catch up by sending two payments, but that was not enough, they returned those payments, and then foreclosed on me without any warning. The amount due and owing to the mortgage is $17,382.71. In order to redeem the property I will have to have $18,149.37 in addition to $2.86 in per diem charges.

    I have had several attempts at saving my house to no avail. The bank will not work with me, they will not budge, the only way I can save my home is if I pay it off in full. I am unemployed and I am trying to get on disability, I am going to be homeless unless someone steps up and helps me. I have been in my home for almost 18 years, I have remodeled it entirely and now the bank wants to take it because of two missed payments. I know that there is fraud within this loan but I do not have money for an attourney. So the only solution I can see is to ask for help. Also my vehicle is an old 1995 Chevy Van that is falling apart currently with no insurance, so I need a different vehicle, insurance, and a license plate. I currently receive $200.00 per month in food stamps, that is all I have. So I need $20,000 to save my house and $10,000 to get a new vehicle, so I am asking for $30,000.

    Time is of the essence because I do not have long before the money is due to save my house and keep a roof over my head. I only have until the end of August. I have been going through many hardships relating to these situations and they are destroying my life and well being, there are no ways to overcome these problems in the city I live in because there are no jobs and the economy is at a halt in this city. I am currently unable to work anyways because I am disabled with back problems. Please consider helping me save my home that I have worked hard on for the past 18 years. I will be forever greatful to anyone and everyone that helps me in this cause.

  2. Hello Ellen my name is veronica and I have written to you last year asking for your help I am a single mother of three I've been in and out of work due to layoffs anyway I know I'm not the only person going through something and it doesn't even feel right asking for help but I have no other alternatives I watch your show and see all the wonderful things you do for people and I cry because I wish it was me my kids get good grades in school my oldest want to attend a really nice school next school year that she had to write an essay to be accepted in to and I was so proud when she received her letter of acceptance I live in a bad neighborhood the apartment were in is disgusting it has no kitchen sink and no stove and I'm too embarrassed to put the rest of the conditions in this letter my other child is a honor student who is passionate about starting her own cupcake business and I have a small small one who doesn't even know how we're living isn't normal I try to sell items I've found to supply income for us I don't have nothing but if I can help someone I always try and it frustrates me that I am a good person and a good mother I recently had gotten in trouble never been in trouble in my life !!!!!! But I had no food and some personal items that my kids need and I didn't have any money or help I'm so look sorry it ever happened but I was caught shoplifting and was it tour my kids apart because I'm all they have and rely on it will never happen again!!!!! I want to honest about everything like I said I have always worked !!!! I just want a simple happy life again especially for my kids if they are happy I'm happy they want a normal life the way children's life's should be I want to know if you could help us I just would like somewhere to call home and that we won't have to worry about someone trying to break in or the bugs Ellen if you even get this if you consider this we will be forever grateful to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Ellen please please help me my name is brandy i live in lakeland fl all im asking is for help for my teeth im27and dont want to lose my teeth im tired of crying when i look in the mirror and my little boys asking why are you crying i hate the way i look aometimes i think i would be better off if i wasnt here anymore i tried eveything i can think of i just want to feel pretty again if there anyway you can find it in your heart to help mw pay for my teeth please contact me at

  4. Please Help me..
    I am girish kumar pg from kerala state, country india. i am in an very desperate situation as I am unemployed, as my mother she had gone through a surgery for ca tongue, i ve spended the whole amount which i ve saved for her, my father is no more, now am looking after my mother without going for any job. i had taken some amount on interest from money lenders, for the same, which am not able pay them back right now, and am need of 11 lakhs of indian rupee urgently, All I need is $2000 as a loan so that I can use my knowledge in Forex trading to build my financial freedom. I want this as a loan and ready to pay back with interest. Please try to help as this can change my horrible destiny and I will be forever grateful to u in helping me in this situation.

    Thank you so much - girish
    God bless you

  5. I lived happy family, helping out where they could. But one of problem and the economic crisis, it all went wrong. Presently I live in great poverty. I can not pay for things. I has long been looking for help. Only was promise. And always asked for money in advance. Sometimes I feel like giving up already. I need help fast. It would be help for some little money. I'd like to work to get out as quickly as possible from this bad period. There would two very good jobs. I need get started loan. I beg you who can help. This solution would be for me. Would be more money every month. I can pay your bills and live normally. It would not be a problem to repay.

  6. Hi, My name is Natacha. I am in desperate need of money to pay for my electric bill and my rent that was due on the first of July, 2013. I have a disconnect letter for the electric as well.

    Let me tell you a bit about my situation. My fiance recently went to jail leaving me in charge of taking care of everything as far as the bills go. I currently do not work but am looking for a job. It is also hard looking for a job as for I do not drive. I have tried the trustees for help but they can not help due to me not being on the lease and the electric bill in my fiance's name. They had also told me that if they helped with rent he would need to be there for the interview with the trustees which is not possible due to him being incarcerated. I also recently lost my kids and I do my visitations and other programs at this house and I am about to lose it. I am working towards getting them back, but it will be hard if we do end up losing this house. I do want you to know we are not bad people we just made wrong decisions just like everyone else. We do plan on just living as a happy family. I am also currently pregnant and am endearing alot of stress because of all that is on my plate at the moment.

    Thank you for taking your time in reading this. And I hope I can be one of those candidates on your list to help. I also thank you for giving people the chance to get back on there feet even if that doesn't include me. It is a beautiful thing that people really do still care and want to help out.

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    NIE JESTEM oszustem i złodziejem. Mówię prawdę. WIEM przykazań. Jednym z Nich żart NIE kradnij. Moge wysłać nie CIEBIE Mój dyplom mistrza teologii na e-mail JAKO dowód. I NIE wyrzucać pieniadze w błoto
    Telefon: +48 79 664 40 49


  8. I am writing you this letter because I need your help as I have lost my job at a company because the company let me go in 2012.Unemployment benefits have expired so now I can’t support myself and don't want to lose everything. I have been trying to get a job for about a year now but it’s hopeless. Since I lost my job I have been going through a lot. I'm so desperate that I'm running out of items to sell. I understand if you cannot help me as you get a lot of letters asking for help but if you can we will be so greatful. Thank you for your time,
    Jeff McCarter 864-237-5280 110 Village Park Dr.Apt.57 Simpsonville S.C. 29681

  9. Hello,

    My name is Honza Rajdl, i'm from Czech Republic.
    Im 16 years old and i cant speak English very well.
    I dont know how to explain that, what i want to say.

    I live with my mother, we dont have so much money.
    My mom does for me everything, i want to bring it her back.
    I want to start study.. after school i want to go to work and collect money for me and
    my mom.

    But now.. my mom has been kicked from her job because she was sick for a long time.

    My moms money balance is very low and i think we dont have money to pay school and lease on next month..

    On school and Lease we need 1155,4 USD. I want very much from you but you are my last chance.

    I hope you anwser me..

    Honza Rajdl

  10. Hello,


    I am Prophet Leo Joshua

    I am highly gifted by God Almighty the creator of the whole universe.. i have a small church but am not known in this world at all but i am gifted with many powers from God, i have the gift of deliverance of any type, maybe you are a wealthy man and you have so many spiritual problems confronting you at all time physically and spiritual. as we can see in this world that some woman live with there husband for so many years and have no kids, if you have this kind of problem contact me any type of problem you have at all maybe you are in your dreams having night mares and all that ask me a question about the kind of problems you have currently contact me and believe that God will see you trough right this moment.

    I know there are so many wealthy man and woman on this earth and the lord have blessed you. i would like you to sow a seed now i need help from you all to build my church and we need buses to run the ministry, i also have a project to build all the churches and beautify the place of worship for our lord Jesus Christ . if you know what you can offer to the lord through me his servant kindly contact me on my private email below" ( ) consider your problems solved and tell those who have different kind of deseas and sickness to contact me immediately for the lord will visit you at the point of your need immediately. we also have poor people and little children here not going to school because of lack of money to send them to school even for there feeding too. i also have orphans and orphanages here in my church please we need your help here. work to the glory of God and he will come to your point of needs and solve your problems spiritually. Remember he says givers never lack give and you will receive 1million folds in return and he will add long life to you and grant you all your heart desires.

    awaiting to pray with you.
    Prophet Leo Joshua GCO.

  11. I am a GOD fearing person and very sincerely narrating my story.To be short, my husband used to be a businessman. We used to be the happiest families with 5 children. My elder two daughters finished their studies but 3 others are still studying .Since last three years our business did not run well and my husband is in great debts and very difficult to support the family and children education and right now he is in great depression. My husband is desperately in need of some money to pay back the debts and give education to our children. My husband owes about US$ 850000 (interest is increasing every day) to Bank and private lenders. Initially, he took some loans from Bank and private lenders to do some business and build our house but for last three years his business didn't run well and in great debts. Bank Authority and private lenders are pressing him to pay back the loan with interest and threaten to take him to Court. It is really devastating! Your small donation of US$ 850000 will uplift us and bring back the happiness in our family. Right now my family is in great tension and great trouble. Our family is also a very religious persons and love to do charity works. When we were financially sound we used to do charity works. We will continue to do so if GOD HELP us ! Please kindly help us. Please contact us at email -

  12. By way of introduction my name is Michelle and a single mother of two girls. We have set up this website that will be used to pay medical bills, hospital bills, doctor co~pays, and school expenses due to a financial hardship that has affected us drastically. For the first time in my life I am on state assistance and barely get enough food stamps to feed my girls and I. Additionally $400 for glasses and exam for my oldest, Taylor. As their mother (myself) has been unable to return to my work due to a series of surgery(s) and need assitance in paying hospital bills, lab bills, and medical cobras for medical, dental, and vision. Both girls have also incurred medical and hospital expenses as well.
    This is only temporary and I will get back on my feet, I pray for miracles every day. We have sold all of our furniture and most house hold belongings to pay for insurance premiums, as my youngest has a life threatening kidney condition that gets monitored at Vanderbilt.

    So for those who feel inclined, we expect nothing and appreciate anything anyone can do. No donation is too small and we hope to be able to pay our medical bills, hospital bills, and insurance premiums. Your kindness would be greatly appreciated and would touch our hearts and change our lives.

    We are also facing eviction from our home we rent, due to getting behind in our rent.

    Please help my girls and I, we can't do it alone! We need your assistance! "Please help us!" We don't want to be homeless.

    With gratitude & Christian love,

    Michelle, Taylor & Paris

    “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

  13. I am a single mother of three and I had a job up until three weeks ago. I was an independent contractor and she didn't let me know she had no work until almost a week later bills are pilling up and I just want another month to find a job. I have applied for 3 already and haven't heard anything. I will pay the money back when tax time comes around. I just don't like to stress about bills and usually don't need to. I realize this may never be read but if it is please take it into consideration. I don't need much just 2500 to catch me up and maybe get my children some school clothes. my number is 3175005285 and my email is

  14. what i'm saying now looks silly and not important but i'm helpless right now and i decided to try asking you for help ..
    I'm 27 years old from Tunisia , and I’m in love with the most amazing gorgeous girl ever, every time I see her I go crazy, her gorgeous smile makes my heart beat so badly. I love the way she hugs me, I love the way she talks to me, I love her passions, I love her thoughts … I love everything about her .Every time i look into her eyes I thank god for this lovely gift. I have a wonderful girlfriend, and she means the world for me.

    The problem is that neither one of us have great credit, which is no one fault but our own, I could give you all kinds of reason why it isn't our fault and come up with excuses for everything, but in the end it all boils down to the decisions we made, good or bad.

    I need someone who can help me and give me and some money; we just want to get married. I love my girlfriend and I don’t want to disappoint her. I’m not asking for a lot, anything will make a difference and would make my life bearable.
    I thank you for your time and I pray that you would be blessed for being willing to help others.
    Bank account: TN 5 9 0 4 0 6 9 1 5 4 0 0 2 5 5 5 9 4 5 1 4 4
    Swift code: BSTUTNTT
    thank you all and god bless you

  15. Hello !
    Ellen, my name is Yalonda Poston. I only know that i still live by faith. I know nothings free, least it has never been easy to get ahead. I am a single mother of two. I dont even get support. I work parttime and have for several years. I decided to start my life fresh, so i started where my life first went from poor to poverty. I lost my father at 15 to cancer, it changed my life. I dropped out of high school,and i blame no one but me,but loosing my father i lost foucus on dreams. I decided to fix a broken promise. I went to get my ged and i couldnt stop there so i enrolled in Mitchell cosmetic arts school. I was just about to start when my brother was hit by a train. I had to care for him and my children, but i couldn't let my desire be reversed. I cut my hours at work to one day a week. I was then a fulltime student. I awoke a few months later something telling me to take my brother back to the hospital. My brother ended up back in intensive care. I thank god for speaking to me he is still here. I just know that with faith i Yalonda Poston would not be a graduate of class 2013. I still have state exams to take. I can barely buy things for my children and struggle to pay my bills. I barely have food and just dont see me finnishing what i have started for a while. I know if I had a start i can change not just my life but my familys life. I dont expect to hear anything but i do plan to finnish my new beginning. I have strong hope that you may give me great guidance. I know that so many need help just like me,but i know with a little help ellen I can have happiness for the first time with my children. Thank you for taking time to listen, and may the almighty truly continue to shine on you and yours ! God bless you Ellen.

  16. Hello, I would like to introduce myself, I am Sarah a mother of two amazing children ages 11 and 5. A couple of years ago I became sick and ended up losing my job, my house and my car. I ended getting in housing that went off my income (which is 356.00 a month) My children and I reside in a complex that is taking a toll on us. My son gets bullied, and in turn is causing him to want to hurt himself due to the anger not only of being bullied but because his father has never been in his life. He thinks at times he would be better off not here. We have sought out counseling and are working with that to build up his self esteem and knowing that he is worth the world. My daughter she is a chameleon and is adapting to the environment, but thats the problem, I don't want her too. This environment is so negative. The things kids see and even adults. I am so trying to seek some help as I am trying to leave this place in Pennsylvania and move to Georgia. I have a strong feeling that is where I am suppose to finally plant my feet and raise my children. My children even ask me, "mom when are we moving"? My heart breaks for them, and I know my situation is not the worst, but it is not the best either. For my family I just want to give them the happiness they so deserve. My children are my world, I stay home and care for them 24/7. I am not at the bars, the clubs, out all hours, I am home trying to prepare them for the world. Tears roll down my face as I envision a house, a yard, possibly a dog (lol). The smiles on my kid's faces is what matters to me. There is so much more that I could tell you, but I wont take up anymore space. Feel free to email me at or or or 814-671-7000 I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you , God Bless, and keep smiling Taking a leap of faith asking this.

  17. Hello!
    My name is Adrian and i'm so ashamed to write because it's the first time in my life when i ask for help but i have no choice.I'm desperate... I lost my job, my health condition became precarious, at this point I have no source of income. My mother died last year and now i'm alone.I don';t need much money just 1000 euros.I found a job abroad and have to pay agency commission work and I get to take first paycheck.Thank you very much and God bless you!

  18. Hello
    After my father died of cancer I always said that I want to do something to give back because of the way the American Cancer society helped my father. So I have come up with something called Text America. I have presented my idea to Shane Bevilacqua with the American Cancer Society and he is now presenting it to the board of the American Cancer Society for approval. I am also planning a charity event to be held at the Ocean Center here in Daytona Beach Florida where the moneys raised will be presented to the American Cancer society. I am needing sponsorship for the venu, food and drinks and live entertainment. Please help me make this event a success. Shane Bevilacqua contact info is Florida Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.1737 N Clyde Morris Blvd Suite 140 Daytona Beach, FL 32117 , Phone: 321-253-0361 | Fax: 386-274-5582. Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions.

    Thank you for making my event a success.

    Tammie Sigg
    30 Circle Creek Way
    Ormond Beach Florida 32174

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  20. Hi, my name is Sarah Turner. I've been reaching out to my community for about a month but i havnt found any help yet, I first want to tell you a little bit of my story. i have three beautiful children Elijah who is 5, Ella who is 3, and Emily who is 1. when Ella was three months old she was diagnosed with failure to thrive and has lived between home and the hospital. It's a constant battle to get her to eat and get her weight up she still isn't on the growth chart but she is trying hard :) she has a mountain of medical bills and medical needs that we can no longer keep up with because a year ago when Emily was born I had to stop working due to my health which started declining during my pregnancy with her, a few weeks before i was to deliver i experienced severe pain under my right rib and immediately went to the hospital. Shortly after a few tests and scans were done the doctor and his nurse rushed and and told me they had to take the baby right away because i was in kidney failure and my life and the babies was in danger. Emily was born a happy healthy beautiful girl and i was taken for more tests and surgeries. Several surgeries and medications later i was doing better. then a months later everything started going down hill again, they found out i had Lupus and RA. It's a struggle everyday but I will never give up and let Lupus win! So as you can imagine with only my husband working and between my medical costs and Ella's it has been extremely hard to pay the bills we have and we are losing where we are staying because we aren't able to pay all of our rent anymore. So I thought I'd reach out to my community for help and prayers for my family. I'm asking that you please pray for our family and ask your friends to do so as well, and I do know that it is hard times for everyone right now but i have faith that someone will be able to help us either financially or materialistically, if there is anyway that you or someone you know would be able to help us out financially I've set up an account with Go fund me which is a safe and secure way to donate the link to it is any amount helps! You can also contact me at my email at i really need to get the down payment for a home before we dont have a place to go if there is any way you can help please do. thank you so much for your time and prayers God bless.

  21. hi elen please read my story i love somone from 4 years but we cant married we dont have enough money so if you can help we will married am from egypt my email

  22. Hi, my name is Amber Sampson. Please listen/read my story. 3 months ago, my father in law died in a tragic car accident. The night of his death, my mother in law and I found out my father in law was living a double life ; the life he had with us & another life with his mistress. My father in law use to receive work men's comp. but then he found a job at a local zoo as an H VAC tech. In July 2013, my father in law agreed to 20,000 to close the case, 4,000 of it went to his lawyer ; he kept this a secret from my mother in law until after he died. He spent at least 1,00-1,500 on things for the house and his grandchildren, NOTHING on my mother in law. Comes to find out, he gave money to his mistress left and right. After he died, there was a life insurance check for 1550 and a total of $359 in his secret account. Now, my mother in law is literally in over her head. We live in a house with 8 people including my mother in law, myself, and my 2 children. My brother in law, his fiance, and their daughter moved in, as well as Tammy's (mother in law) brother in law. I'm the only source of income, I'm only 20 with 2 kids and a $200 check isn't really helping due to the fact I need gas, things for my children, etc. Also, the money my mother in law did have was stolen by her son who had a very bad drug addiction but is now residing in a correctional facility. We're going to lose this house soon and that's the only thing we have left, seeing how the piece of junk truck my father in law left his wife in is in bad condition and won't make it until next year. Please reach out to us, we could use the help. My email is

  23. Hi Ellen,
    My name is Witchmonde Isidore im from miami fl i always watching your show and wanted on day i can be next to u one day the reason i write today because i have a lot going one and im scared, my fiancé is living in haiti where i come from so i went to see him this year from my country when im back i was sick i went to the hospital they said i am pregnant but i now ive been having a stomach pain all the time because i have an ovarian cyst on my right side that cause me go to the emergency every time so i fighting for my baby and the cyst at the same time because of that i cant work thesame way i use to i have a lot of problem to pay for my rent and my other bills and the worst thing i dint have any family who leave close to me so when i call my mom and dad i explain them my situation they cry and they ask me to move to Florida, so i decided to move there so i had to quit my job on boston to move in fl

    So to move my stuff my mom sent me $800 to find a company mover, i did call so many companies to help all of them was giving me a high prices that i cant afford so when i finally find one who i make a deal with them to move my stuff for $992 i was happy until i realized the day they come to pick my stuff they said what i have is more expensive for them to move cause they dont have everything that they see at my house in their paper. The guy who i spoke to from the first told me the price was for full package. First of all i had flight on 10/30/2013 i give them appointment to come in the morning on 10/29/2013. They came at 8:20 pm that day where there is no way i cant contact the office to have an explanation and the want to charge me more so i told them that wasnt the deal that i have they said its getting late do you want to move your stuff yes or no i say of course cause tomorrow i have a flight to go to miami i dont want to be stock here first of all they make me sign the paper before they write down how much they will charge me at the end i was so stressed and want to be done with all this i sign so when they done they give me a total of $4526 i was shocked i dont know what to do when i try to have a deal with them they said i have to wait tomorrow morning to call the office to discuss that with the manager. So the day before i flight i call i cant find the manager after 3 days when i finally find the manager he said i have to pay or my stuff gonna stay on the storage until i pay now i dont have no clothes to wear all my documents my everything are with them i am stressed out more my mom and Dad cant help more than that cause they have their economic problem going too i dont have no body to help me i am not working anymore i worried about the baby i am carrying i am only 18 weeks pregnant i was in a difficult conditions to get pregnant now finally God make me pregnant but im worried by stressed out every day that cause i am crying every single day, i have to pay my school loan, and other bill i have and im not working my mom have only a part time job my dad they cut on his hours we have a lot of problem now where we live we have to pay for the rent we are behind of 3 months without paying and now my stomach getting worst by hurting me day by days im scared Ellen plz i need your help I know God will touch your heart like he always do. I put all my hopes on God and You Ellen i always watching your show every day i alwant to be in ur show so i can see the beautiful Ellen who makes every body dreams come true. Plzz contact me at 17817851816 or email me at

    A big giant fan of you
    Love u Ellen

  24. Hi,My name is sulinda Edward
    I am asking you if you can give me a christmas gift of $10.000.00 dollars in usd.thanks and you can email me at or

  25. I am a divorced lady (victim of gender violence) with a daughter of 4 years old. I need a loan of 15.000€ without comission or interest. I need it urgently to build up my life. Please help my daughter and me! thanks a lot.


  26. i will love to share my testimony to you all the people in world.i got married to my husband about 2 year ago we start having problems at home like we stop sleeping on the same bed,fighting about little things he always comes home late at night,drinking too much and sleeping with other women out side.i have never love any man in my life except him.he is the father of my child and i don't want to loose him because we have worked so hard together to become what we are and have today.few month ago he now decided to live me and the kid,being a single mother can be hard sometimes and so i have nobody to turn to and i was heart broken.i called my mom and explain every thing to her,my mother told me about DR.agumagu how he helped her solve the problem between her and my dad i was surprise about it because they have been without each other for three and a half years and it was like a miracle how they came back to each other.i was directed to DR.agumagu on his email: and explain everything to him,so he promise me not to worry that he will cast a spell and make things come back to how we where so much in love again and that it was another female spirit that was controlling my husband.he told me that my problem will be solved within two days if i believe i said OK.So he cast a spell for me and after two days my love came back asking me to forgive him.i Am so happy now. so that why i decided to share my experience with every body that have such problem contact Dr agumagu the great spell caster on his email address:

  27. Hello ,
    My name is Ala and I am from Slovakia . I apologize in advance but my English is not good . I am divorced and my ex-husband was an alcoholic . I divorced almost 5 years. I live in a family house . I have work but my salary is very low and the cost of housing and food are high for me . My problem is that I have a new friend who is from Africa . He asked me to marry him , I agreed but we do not have the money for the wedding and equipment necessary documents and visas . We want to live in Slovakia . He is from a large and poor family . He has no money to travel and wedding. I also do not have the money . I pay the bank loan , because I had to deal with the situation with my teeth . I borrowed money from the bank , and I will repay six years . Please help us . I do not want money for material goods but to found a family . I love my friend from all my heart. I do not want to live alone. Loneliness is a bad companion. I need in my life support, love and support that my friend gives me. I know that many people need money for more important things, but please, I'll be grateful from the bottom of my heart. I would not be able to repay another loan from my salary. I really do not know whom to ask for help. My parents are retired and I am very grateful to them for every little help, but they do not have money for my wedding too. Please I need EUR 10.000. I'm desperate. Please help us. Thank you for your willingness and time to read my request. Let God bless you. My email:

  28. Melvin (Shorty) is a wonderful man who tries his best to help others as much as possible. His now ex-wife left him about 2 years ago and made the divorce a rough one. It stressed him out something fierce, especially when he discovered that she had been taking several hundred dollars from the account before leaving. In July 2012, he turned 50. Less than 2 weeks after his birthday, he had a stroke. The local hospital rushed him to Saint Luke’s in Kansas City to run test and try to locate the cause of the stroke. During the tests, they found a lump on his neck. A specialist was called in and confirmed that it was cancer. Before they could do any treatment, he had a biopsy to try to locate the source, which they never found. During the biopsy, they removed his tonsils just to be on the safe side. Next his teeth had to be removed because of a degenerative disease in his gums (his mom also has it). The radiation would have caused his bone to soften and more problems if a tooth needed pulled. Within a month and a half, he had a stroke, cancer, tonsils out, and teeth removed. He began treatment, 45 rounds of radiation and 3 rounds of chemo. Half way in, he became really ill. He was placed in the hospital and was told he had C-Diff (a horrible intestinal disease that comes with a smell of death and the same smell as a taste in the mouth). They decided to put in a stomach feeding tube while he was in the hospital. The day after the feeding tube was put in, he had a massive clot go through heart and into his lungs. This almost killed him. He was told that his only option was to try an experimental drug to dissolve the clot, but was told that he would probably still die. He agreed to the drug and pulled through. After all this, he required around the clock care. His sister in law offer to take care of him for a couple weeks, during which time she stole almost $1000 from him. My family and I moved him in with us to care for him. All his stuff was moved out of his house and it was put up for rent, to try to generate an income during this. When his stuff was moved, a lot of it was taken by his family, so he lost a lot of his possessions that he needed for his work. He’s a rancher. His truck was even messed up by someone who said they were his friend, but they are not getting it fixed or anything. He finally completed his treatments and January 2013 he was told he was cancer free. Since then, his health has been getting better and better. He’s even back to work. But his finances are consistently getting worse. He had taken a $30,000 loan before he got sick to help pay for stuff from his divorce and some other bills. Paying this bill alone every month takes about half of his check.
    He has helped so many people and asked nothing in return. He won’t even ask for help, so I am asking for him. $30,000-40,000 would help get him out of this hole and get him back on his feet. Please, Pleases, Please help?
    If you have any questions or would like more information. My name is Alicia Beets and my email is

  29. My name is Ronald Kimber and I have a wife and a 14 year old son.This is the first time I have done this,and it
    is not easy. I have a part-time job I make $200 a week, I been puting in job apps and no one is hiring here in Michigan. My wife went to welfare last month to apply they said I make to much money. The money I make only pays the bills. I don't eat so they can have food to eat. Sometimes we do things for the people we love.
    We don't have much food, I only get 17 hours a week. We will lose the house this year. I need you to help me give them a christmas this year. I hope this letter finds you.

    Thank You
    Ronald Kimber

  30. with sadness in my heart I have to post that on dec 11, 2013 my family is being evicted my coop board is upset because I had to wait 2 years for my disability and I had to pay them late I have no money to move no where to go I need help immediately sharyl36@gmail I cant even fathom putting up a tree and my job owns the coop so I worked 20 yrs and tore my body up from them worked at 911 for them and now they kick me down like im a dirty dog tears please help me

  31. please healp my money lapsed for treatment land and home bank attached please healp 57032557008 SBTRINBBPLD OR SBTRINBB000640 (SWFT) SBTR000640 (IFSC) SBT (BANK) KERALA SREEKAT NAME

  32. When I saw everyone else on here asking for help I felt so bad for them that I stopped feeling bad for myself.. I have been feeling so alone and lost in my mess that I had no thought that anyone could be going through the same as me. I now see that there is so many of us in the same boat. I lost my job four days before Thanksgiving, I was a cook for a hotel. I hurt my back at home could not go to the doctor because my ins at work had not kicked in yet, only had two weeks to go. I was laid up for about a week. I was still in a lot of pain but needed to get back to work, no matter the pain. Well they were not having that. They Said I have to be able to pick up my 40 pounds. Well I did sign the paper work saying I could, when I first started there it was in my paper work. I can not even pick up 20 pounds right now as it is. I broke my back 13 years ago fell about three stories. But after a year of hell I got back upon my feet, but the back will always be a pain in my life. Well so much for that job. I have gone out and been online every day trying to find a job. I am use to waitress work in nice places but noting so far. I even went to subway, hamburger places and still nothing yet, I would love to work in anyone of these places I am so not a picky person. I applied for food stamps and they said yes I can get it. Well that was three weeks ago and still no card in the mail. I applied for a free phone that was also three weeks ago. I hated to do it but one has to eat and I had to get a phone because of jobs and I knew mine would be cut off. Well that happened today. I am thinking my cable and online will go next. Had to spend $75 of my jan- 1st rent to buy food for a month. I do not think I will ever eat beans, eggs, and rice again once I get back to my life, I mean I would, but after eating it for almost a month I would rather not for awhile. I am single 53 and alone so xmas really was pretty sad for me. All my kids are over seas right now, so the last thing they needed was a messed up xmas knowing mom was going through this, you know. I even emailed a church today asking them to pray for me because maybe just me doing it alone was not enough. But we are all so many so I am going to add all of you out there in my prayers, and I am going to pray really loud!!!!! And if you do not hear back from me on here it's because of getting cut off line. If anyone can help me I would be so grateful and will pay it forward once I am on my feet. Thank you Susie McGee in SA. TX. Email And this is my 80 year old mothers # 210-695-3767. We are not close but I think she would take the call as long as she does not have to help. Sad but true. I am going as fast as I can where ever I can online. Good luck to everyone in need and God bless us all..

  33. hello my name is Ali ( i will give my complete name when i find someone trust him )
    i live in Algeria i am not looking for money but i need someone to pay for my study in USA or Canada or New Zealand .
    i am in big trouble and my life in risk because i am gay and to be gay is a crime here in my country . and may family want me to get married very soon . i can not say no and i could not say i am gay . but if the know about that i will go to the jail or get killed by my family or someone else so i need someone to help me get out from here but the only easy way is to ask for study visa .
    i am 33 years old now and i do not have much time .
    i work as a secretary man in office state here in Algeria i just get this job since few days from now and the pay is not enough to help me to ask for any kind of visa i just get about 160 dollars in the month .
    and if i do not find the way to get out from this hell i will kill my self because its better than this life .
    i am not a hustler or a bad boy want to get easy money .
    i just want to be myself and be happy and live .
    and i promise i will Proved every thing i said in this letter and after i get help from you and be fine i will return your money i swear .
    thanks so much for reading my email .
    my email is

  34. I am 31 and a mother of 3 children. They are 3, 4, and 9. I receive Disability for abuse and distress related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression. I live on less than $900 per month. This does not pay my bills and feed us all. All three kids are dependent on me for everything. My Mom died of a brain tumor when I was 15 and my Dad died a year and a half ago. I live in His house that is not paid off and is in need of repair. The house will cost $100k to pay off. I can't get the mortgage in my name because I need a cosigner and to double my income to qualify. I really wish I could live here forever. This is the only place that feels like home to me that is left. Now my kids feel like this is home. We have lived in subsidized housing their whole lives until my Father's Death. The house needs windows, carpet, roofing, paint, water damage, other cosmetic repairs, and mold damage repair. I am Executor of Estate and I am broke. I spend all of my money on food. The utilities are all behind a month. I owe $9k in student loans that prevent me from going back to school and another thousand dollars in miscellaneous other reports on my credit. I just feel lost. I feel like my kids deserve more than having to suffer my consequences for inability to pay. They were born into an unfair situation where I am scared of one child's dad and the other two children's dad barely pays for a thing and has freeloaded off of me for the last couple months. I feel like financial help will help me stand up on my feet and be the mom they need. I want to feel like I won't need to be codependent again so I will never be at risk of being abused again. I am tired of laying next to the spot where my Dad died and wishing he would come back to life every day. It feels insane to beg for something so impossible. My Dad needs an urn so I can bury him with my mom like they wished in life. My brother is in prison for Domestic Abuse and mentally abuses me. The only family who will talk to me still disapproves of my failures. I want a reason to move forward. I want to feel like I can fix all of this to give myself and my kids hope. I want the suicidal fantasies to be banished forever. I don't want my kids to go their entire childhoods only knowing the welfare life. I want to change my life or die. I want to change. Please help. I am stuck in a bad hopeless loop and I am desperate for some kind of relief. I need professional help but I don't know what to do anymore.

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  37. Hello
    I'm a 28 years old Palestinian Christian from Bethlehem. I have a masters degree in medical biotechnology with no decent job. I would like to ask you kindly for some money. Any amount would help me to start and build my own business
    My bank account is: 742318/570 (Arab Bank/ Bethlehem) , email: Please send me an email before doing any actions. I appreciate any help and any donations. I am even open to hear any suggestions / Businesses / Ideas .. Please don't forget me :)

  38. hi my names kim, ive brought up my twins both 20 now since they were born, since losing my tax credits last year I have found yself in debt, borrowing to pay other debts and it got out of control, my daughter is apprenticeship so only earns very little and my son works for an agenct 8 or 16 hours a week sometimes no work, my job as a carer on minimum wage is main income, im looking for around 5000pounds even as a loan so I get straight, as currently on seeking possession order for our council house, council tax arrears, loans, payday loans, if you could please help me, thankyou x

    1. my e mail is, forgot to put in message.

  39. Hello recently we had a very close friend who died the family is in need of any money we can get for the funeral anything is appreciated and we hope to lay Ian at rest soon. Thank you and God bless -Chris



  42. So much going on to difficult to tell it all. I am on dialysis 12 years and trying to get re-listed after 9 1/2 years on the list but must show financial committment (the poor are discriminated). We have twin daughters and 8 grandchildren who left a polygamist abusive husband/father 3 years ago. Husband sentenced to 7 years prison but still don't have a custody agreement. One of our daughters and 5 children have been living with us. She just barely got a minimum wage job 3 months ago. Both hubby & I on disability but I am wanting to do medical billing and coding through Career Step but too expensive. It would allow me to work from home and do it around my home hemodialysis. Recently we visited our soldier son (who just left this weekend for his 4th tour to afghanistan --- yes FOURTH tour) in TN and found a great property we would be able to have our daughter and grandkids come with us. It is only $55K with payments of just $200(?)/month something we could afford. It is on 3 acres and has a great morton building we thought we could convert to a nice 4-5 bedroom home for our daughter. This way she could have her own place but we would be there to help out when she is working, help with homework, watch the kids etc. Problem is because of our debt (lost my job almost 4 yrs ago - worked at WalMart while I was also on dialysis for almost 7 years) our credit is too low to get a loan for this property. We just need someone to help us get financing for this property so we can settle down with our dogs, dialysis, a bit of land to have chickens and continue to help our daughter and grandchildren and be a good support system for them. Personal financing for this home. Also needing to raise money so I can get back on the transplant list. Here is my story on FB make sure to read "about". Here is my fundraising page for my transplant journey Please help me in whatever way you can. Blessings & Peace - -

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  44. hi ellen please help my 3 months old daughter she was diagnose with truncus arteriosus a rare case of congenital heart desease she is in need of immediate heart reconstructive surgery or else she wont survive the doctor said she need 4x surgery in her lifetime and this will coast alot of money i have work but i cant provide 1million philippine peso every surgery please please help her i am humbly asking for your help to save my daughters life please contact me my email add is

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  46. Hi,I need money to pay of my debts which my husband accumulated when he had cancer.He had a job but now jobless,I cannot work as I am waiting to hear about my visa.Can anyone help?10,000 pounds needed

  47. This is very difficult... I have been a single mother for 18 years...most of which I worked two jobs. After 19 years with my employer my hours have been reduced and of course my income. I have worked two full time jobs for the last 9 years and there are just no more hours in the day for me to work. I have 35,000 in debts that I need to pay off so that I can request a refinance to try and reduce my mortgage payment. I can repay this if someone were to give this loan at 4% interest for 15 years. That would be 258.00 per month, and I can afford that and still make the mortgage payment which is 1340.00 per month. I am 60 years old and I know that when I get to retirement I will not be able to afford to stay in my home if I just continue to try and pay these debts down. My parents passed away and I promised that I would do what I could for my younger brother who is mentally retarded and lives in a group home, I have been able to do that...the largest part of my mortgage was due to borrowing against my home to renovate my parents home to get it sold and pay off some of those debts. Although I love my home and have worked for 26 years to keep it.. the memories of my parents, older brother, and neice all who have passed away are here I realize that selling it may be the only way to have a place to live once I am forced to retire from all my jobs. I have always felt that when we leave this world we can leave behind three things that are important...good character, dignity, and children that are honest and hardworking...I can say that I have two wonderful children, and have always tryed to maintain my dignity and character. I will do without what ever is necessary to pay my debts and can be seen on my credit history. I am not asking and would never ask for anyone to just hand me money, everyone works hard and deserves the money they earn and so do those who have attained great wealth. I am asking for a loan that would change my life. I go to sleep at night worrying about this and wake up each morning thinking about it..I guess like many I believed the longer I worked the more money I would make and in time I would get a handle on what has completely become overwhelming. Thank you so much for taking time to listen to my request and hopefully reach out to me.

  48. with a heart filled with joy and testimonies i want to say a very big thanks to the great Dr. Charles, my life, my dream, my hope and my future was at the edge of falling apart i got married to my lovely and caring husband 8 years back and we were living happily as couples, we do have sex two times a week sometimes three time but i never conceived, then my heart was burdened and filled with worries so my husband suggest we visit a specialist in the clinic to know the actual problem why i could not get pregnant, when we got there after much test was carried out the doctor said that my husband have a low sperm count and i also have a Fibroid problem that we both can't have our own kids, when we got home from the clinic my husband was so sad about the result and very heart broken about the result at the clinic, so i told a friend the kind of problem i was facing so she said i should not worry about it, that she will help get through my problems and she gave me DR. CHARLES contact and i contacted him immediately, he told me that i should not worry that he is going to help me and i believed in him so much because my friend has told me much about him that he was the one who help her to bring back her husband when her husband abandoned her and the kids. so DR, CHARLES gave me some instruction and other things i should do and i obeyed him very well, to cut the story short at the end of the month i went for check up in the clinic and the doctor confirm that i am two weeks pregnant, i and my husband were very happy and grateful to DR. CHARLES for his help towards our family and today i am a happy mother of three kids two boys and a baby girl all thanks goes to the great DR. CHARLES Contact him today with his email: i am 100% sure that he will meet your heart desire.

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  51. Please .. for God help me my name is Nesreen Excuse me I do not speak English well ..will shorten my word for this
    suffer from many problems in my marriage ..I want a divorce ..But the problem that prevent me from seeking divorce is .. I do not own a house
    I am an Arabic woman I am 29 years old and miserable wife and I have a child ...I live with a man much older than me unbearable to 20 years .. please help me .. I need for $ 200,000 to buy a house and get a divorce .. I have searched a long time but I did not find to help me ... I beg you help me .. wait respond with respect and gratitude -


  53. Hi my name is Murphy Richards and I am a 24 year old veteran trying to help my mother. She is a veteran herself, who was diagnosed with leukemia It all started when i was in 5th grade. She was a juvenile probation officer for years, she was on her way to court and fell on black ice. Form that fall she messed her back, neck, and shoulders up. she tried to push through it but she gave in went to the hospital and it was NOT GOOD. She had different surgeries but nothing worked it got worse and worse. she cant really walk or even lift over a gallon of milk. It's just been me and her so i had to grow up FAST. She was unable to work so the bills piled up fast with the house.I remember walking home from middle school and cutting through the hospital to go see her on my way home. That was all of middle school and when i was 13 that when she was diagnosed with meningitis, She was being read her last rights when a doctor ended up coming and and some how saving her life. We thought it could never get worse. Then a few years later on December 27th 2009 we got the call that changed both of our lives forever. She had been diagnosed with leukemia and apparently had it for years without anyone catching it. I was scared but had to be the man i had been since around 12 years old. I wanted to show her that she didnt have to worry about me i was an adult and I would be okay she needed to worry about her. I wanted as crazy as it sounds now to think about, but i wanted her to know that she didnt have to fight or hold on for me i would be okay. So I joined the ARMY and in less than 2 months i was in test taken and had a date to leave. I joined that national guard so i could still be home. So life went on she did really really good with everything. I came home took care of her and myself of course and her taking care of my grandmother. well eventually she ran out of her settlement from court and the family was helping as well as me giving almost everything i had. God Bless her soul my grandmother passed away and my mom was broken i thought maybe she would give up feeling like she was alone. But she was able to really help us out when she passed and left my mom an okay amount of money (not a lot to most people). so with that and my money we were okay again took our first vacation last summer actually. But what i didnt know is that we were broke then again she and paid bills in advance being smart. So now for the past few months it has been bad again and what i call bad is bad (could always be worse). But I am working at a 9$ an hour job and getting NO hours. And now we are to the point that come the end of April we have my paychecks and that is it. i get paid every other week and getting no hours my check today was $123. I have started s Donation page for her and tried a Social Media help and we got 75$ the past about 2 weeks and hey that is great that is a bill you know. But with a mortgage of $1050 i think that wont cut it. I know we could sell it and get an appt or she move in with family and me ill figure it out. But I will NOT let her work as hard as she did be through the hell she went though with my asshole dad. Work as hard as she did working going to school again fighting this hard to give up in her dream. She walked though the doors here when we bought it and said " i want to live and die in this house". I knew she didnt mean die here but she meant this is what she wants to be happy she wants this forever this is it. And i WONT let here give up on that i cant. i have asked my dad and friends but nothing. and if mu aunts or uncles help she will pay what she can after court for disability. but i hate to see her have nothing ALL the time. SO I AM LITERALLY BEGGING YOU PLEASE HELP EVEN IF IT IS JUST LIKE $7000 SO WE CAN BE OKAY FOR A LITTLE. I have always done what i can to help but at this point I am lost and dont know what to do. I dont even know if this is real but please please help us. My email is

    1. I am using My girlfriends Google account by the way. I know that is confusing.

  54. Dear Ellen ! My name is Gita , I am writing to you and Slovakia . I need help , so I turn to you , because I do not know what to do. A few years ago I borrowed money from my girlfriend , and I still did not return . It was a great need of it because of her husband in jail to shut . The money borrowed her credit card and still repaying , it is quite a large amount , € 7000 is summarized. I have decent jobs, but unfortunately only € 300 per month 'm looking for , which is barely enough to pay for the costs. Because of the money lent is spoiled my relationship with my husband . On the internet I met a nice young man who lives in Morocco , I would like to invite her to myself , but it also costs a lot of money. Underwrite all do at home , just to collect a little money to live better . Hand-sewn leather shoes, but was getting only 30 to 35 € a month for it , and very hard work . Last month I had surgery on my wrist because of a large cyst on the increased exertion . Unfortunately, the surgery failed, so I can no longer continue to sew either. You have to have surgery again to marry him. Slowly ruined my whole life . Dear Ellen ! very much please help me . I do not know why I have to be punished because I was helping someone who does not deserve it . I know a lot of people in the 14 to 15,000 € will not mean much to me , however, the meaning of life . I could pay the bank the kölcsönömet and could live peacefully with my boyfriend. Thank you for reading my letter and understand my request . Good hearts the good God bless you. email address : h.gita123 @

  55. Hello,my name is William Speidel.I am writing you on behalf of my wife Carey Speidel.She has a debt of 6000 from the Illuminating Company.I have attempted to work out a payment plan to read her debt,but it was denied.Times are really tough for our family.Over the last 5 years we have struggled to make ends meet.My wife is very upset about having the electric shut off,and I am afraid of what will happen to her state of mind.About 5 years ago we had tried to conceive,but went through 3 miscarriages before finally having out first child together.Shortly after our daughter was born,she had a stroke at the age of 28.We found out that she had a a problem with blood clots because her blood was so thick.Since then she has had multiple issues with conceiving another child,as we have had a total of 6 miscarriages over the last few years.We recently found out that our daughter is a true miracle,as there could have been complications because of her condition.I am worried about her because if something happens to me,how will she be able to pay back her debt with the electric company.I am also worried about her state of mind as well if our power is shut off.Please help me give her the best gift of all.I have no where else to turn.Thank you for your time Ellen.

  56. I'm Sandra Calles and my wife is Sharon Jimenez. Family is everything to us and we look forward to staring through adoption with your help. Choosing adoption is and amazing, self-less gift to a baby!
    Our Story
    We met in 2003 in Puerto Rico, in 2004 Sharon moved to Phoenix to start a life with me. In 2005, we sealed our love with a ceremony with our closets friends. Even though this was not legal in Arizona in our hearts it was.
    Ten years later, Sharon is my best friend, the love of my life, my soulmate, my partner, my confident, and I hope the mother of our baby.
    At the age of 21, I was told I was unable to have children due to endometriosis. This was heart breking to me because I come from big family and family is very important me and now us.
    Our dream is to be a moms but being in a same sex couple relationship this is not easy. We have tried many IUIs and few IVFs with no positive result. At this point we have reached the limit of our resources.
    We have realized that there are many babies that need be love and care for. We love to adopt a baby.
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  58. My name is Ionut Lucuta Georgel and i made 26 years old on March 21 . Story of my life begins suddenly and quickly with no future and no hope and it seems to end badly.All started when my mother left us me and others two of my brothers to orphanage at age 3 years , the reason being to come out when I was 18 years old when our mother came to take us from there but she actually take the money that is given to leave the orphanage and leave us in street and to be everything clear I found then that I figure in several cities in Romania as being disabled and having no right to work legal.My mother apparently signed when I was very young and now I can not find her beacause i don't have financial possibilities .She's went to Germany and I can not say anything else because we haven't been contacted since left us. I leave in a poor house if that can be called house .I built it with materials and help from my friends.I live with a welfare £ 100 per month which i also help my brothers .I have enough friends that helped me and donated me different things and which who i go to talk but the handicap that I have , named epilepsy does not entitle me to work with labor .I usualy get help for helping other people but that's in rare thing . Any financial help is welcome and a wish of mine is to found my mother and convince her to talk about what she made when I was little because only she can shed light on my situation.If I do not have a future, at least my brother not to take the wrong way , is still in school . Consider how it is for me to can not have a relationship with a girl that does not have a place to sit. I have to sleep in the best case at friends and not have heat in winter in a village where jobs for normal people is lux.I can't even work without a contract because of my disabled figure and everyone knows me . After death of my grandparents, we thought we had at least a shelter but the house was last mother's name and she has sold it and ran . Neither alimony not get my little brother who is now in 8th grade and get to be depressed and have dark thoughts and I and my brother Anton 's are the only hope for him. From our father we also don't know anything . We know that he actually had passion to drink , a reason my mother resorted to such a move , however outrageous for mom.The house I built it on my field can break down at any moment because there is no paper signed for that and the land but the mayor seems to be lenient and leave us to live. Summer is only hope because we going to catch the frog legs or cutting reeds , selling handmade frames or objects to tourists.I made ​​requests to hall ,many times to be helped but if I haven't no friends they probably drew me to the list of people who receive the food. I created with a help of one of my friends a site where you can make a donation if you want.
    Thank you very muck for listening me !

    I also made a site for my story and donations !

  59. My name is Tatiana Zimin from Toronto Canada. Let me begin by saying my boyfriend's mother's house is being planned to be taken away by the government because a 15 year long law suit against an insurance company was turned down in court. For his whole life he has done nothing but work and pay off the debt of his family, and is not making ends meet. He is in 90,000$ debt with lawyer fees and 350,000$ debt if the house gets taken away. :( He is just 21 years old and cant seem to get a job that pays more than 12$ an hour. I keep telling him to finish court case and settle for 2,000$ and sell the house but his mother says its imperative that she stay there in the house. With her being there more debt is being created and the more money he has to pay which he does not have. I cannot tell you how miserable and full of melancholy he is. It pains me so much to not be able to help. Ive planned to write a book and publish it but I cannot seem to get there. I too myself cannot find work and thought I would reach out to your for some guidance. I dont want him to suffer from these unfair debts and have him suffer to pay off something that he did not create. Please can you help me or guide me? We did everything we could possibly do, but in the end we seem to fail. I know if something is not done soon he will be stuck for many years working paying off the debts of other people.

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