Thursday, 13 June 2013

#4: Can I Ask Ellen for Money? (With Contact Details)

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is many things, she’s a stand-up comedian, an actress, a television host, and she is also the host of the Ellen DeGeneres Show since 2003. Ellen is widely recognized as one of the most generous celebrities in America giving away homes and cars to her fans.

Rich People Who Give Away Money - Ellen DeGeneres

If you’re experiencing some sort of hardship and need help then you could ask Ellen DeGeneres for financial assistance, Ellen does not have a charitable foundation but she does give out large donations on her show. The best way to contact the chat show host is to go to her website and then find the ‘Be on the Show’ link which allows you to contact Ellen direct through her website.

Get Money From Rich People

You can get money from rich people like Ellen through some of the programs the celebrity runs. There are several options that you could choose from depending on your circumstances, you can (1) Share an act of Kindness, (2) Ask for a Home Makeover, (3) Nominate a Deserving Person in Need, (4) Promote talented kids or you can choose to send an email direct to Ellen.

If you’re thinking about contacting Ellen then the link to her website and all the options are given below. To stand any chance of getting help you need to have a genuine need and be prepared to go on the show.

#1: Share an Act of Kindness
#2: Ask for a Home Makeover
#3: Nominate a Deserving Person in Need
#4: Promote Talented Children
#5: Send Email direct to Ellen 

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#4: Can I Ask Ellen for Money?
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If you need urgent financial assistance you should visit USA.Gov to see all the financial help that's available from the Government. Mortgage assistance programs, financial assistance for pensioners, debt consolidation advice and military financial assistance are all the programs that might be able to help you. Ellen DeGeneres is another one of those rich people who give money away, if you have a genuine reason and a real hardship you can get money from rich people such as Ellen through her TV show.