Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Celebrities That Give Free Money #3: Ask Jami Gertz & Antony Ressler for Financial Assistance

According to the Forbes Magazine the top celebrity that donated the most money in 2012 was the actress Jami Gertz and her husband Antony Ressler, they donated a total of $10,569,002 which went direct to the Ressler Gertz Foundation. Some of the beneficiaries of the money include LA Country Museum of Art which received $1.7 million and the Cedar Sinai Medical Center which received $400,000.

The Ressler Gertz Family Foundation is a non profit organization which supports educational institution through scholarships, student financial aid. If you're struggling with your finances and need help to continue studying then contacting the Ressler Gertz Foundation is an option that you can explore.

Most of the donations given are to non profit agencies however the foundation does support individuals in exceptional circumstances, if they can't help you then the foundation might even point you to the non profit organization that they support so you can sought financial assistance.

The best way to contact the Ressler Gertz Foundation is by sending them a hardship letter, make sure that you include your academic and educational achievement, explain that you need student financial aid to complete your studies and ask for a small donation, describe how this would make a tremendous difference to your life. 

If you want to contact the Ressler Gertz Family Foundation then the contact details are below.

Ressler Gertz Family Foundation

16130 Ventura Blvd Ste 320

I have included the map for the Foundation below, if you're planning on contacting the non profit organization then please leave a comment below, if you've already got help from the foundation please share your experiences to help others.

For urgent financial assistance visit the USA.Gov website to find financial assistance programs. Mortgage assistance programs, military financial assistance and debt consolidation advice are some of the ways the Government can help financially.

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  1. I am in an extremely desperate situation as I am unemployed, no savings unable to pay the mortgage and the house is on the sale. All I need is $2000 as a loan so that I can use my knowledge in Forex trading to build my financial freedom. I want this as a loan and ready to pay back with interest. Only $2000. Please try to help as this can change my horrible destiny and I will be forever grateful to anybody who is willing to help me in this.

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    1. Hello we want to make our own business,but have no place for work in reconditionig,no home or place our own,nor money to buy one.Our next baby is on the way, and we don\t have no place nor money for neither .
      We tried to make one place for funding,no result.If you can fund us or can help us in this matter would be very grateful.

  2. I am Migan Mudienyi from Kenya.I am married and have a kid-boy.I am encountering a very difficult situation due to my unemployed.I humbly request you to help me with $4,000.This will enable me start up a small business (photo studio)I have experience about the work.What I am lacking is a capital.My efforts to get loan from different places has never bore fruits.They want someone who already has a running business and an active bank account so that they can be sure their money will be payed back.Please may you help me.My e-mail address mudienyi@yahoo.com.or mudienyi2@gmail.com.My Skype address is migan.mudienyi2.If you help,you'll have not not only help me,but also my 18 months old angel who normally even go without food for the whole day.Please,help.

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  4. Hi my name is Wendy Tennant I have been disabled since 1998 for three years I raised my two daughters’ with little to no help from my ex husband. This is the same man that tried to kill me in 1995. Then I meet the man of my dreams and everything was going great until I started to remember what I buried for years. Being molested by my sister from the age of 3 until 11. I told my parents about it a number of time’s to make it stop and all I was told was that she would never do this to me. So I started thinking it was okay until I left at the age of 17 (1983). I moved in with my ex and that was when the abuse from him started until he almost killed me in 1995. From 1995 until 2001 I was raising my girls on my own this is when I meet the man of my dreams. He stepped in as dad for the girls and treats them like his own. We put them thru college and are still paying. Because we had little to no help from him. I just slowly start to shut down because in my past My family would say your not worth it and you mess everything up, because everyone in my family didn’t care I did care what happen to me. This is one of the reasons why we are in money problems because I just didn’t care, what happened to me. For years I just dealt with it until I couldn’t any more. I really care what happened now but it my be to late and now I am under doctors care. I suffer from PTSD and severe depression. I know with their help I am worth it. They also helped me thru the death of my Mom 12-13-12. But now we are going to lose our house if $16,500 isn’t paid by June 28 o our house will go out to auction on Aug 15th. for back taxes. I have let my family down and now if we lose the house I don’t know how my mental health is going to take it. Any amount would help out. PLEASE can you help. mamawendy26@yahoo.com Thank you for your time, Wendy

  5. Please Help me..
    I am girish kumar pg from kerala state, country india. i am in an very desperate situation as I am unemployed, as my mother she had gone through a surgery for ca tongue, i ve spended the whole amount which i ve saved for her, my father is no more, now am looking after my mother without going for any job. i had taken some amount on interest from money lenders, for the same, which am not able pay them back right now, and am need of 11 lakhs of indian rupee urgently, All I need is $2000 as a loan so that I can use my knowledge in Forex trading to build my financial freedom. I want this as a loan and ready to pay back with interest. Please try to help as this can change my horrible destiny and I will be forever grateful to u in helping me in this situation.

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    Nie jestem oszustem i złodziejem. Mówię prawdę. Wiem przykazań. Jednym z nich jest Nie kradnij. Mogę wysłać do Ciebie mój dyplom mistrza teologii na e-mail jako dowód. I nie wyrzucać pieniądze w błoto
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  7. I am writing you this letter because I need your help as I have lost my job at a company because the company let me go in 2012.Unemployment benefits have expired so now I can’t support myself and don't want to lose everything. I have been trying to get a job for about a year now but it’s hopeless. Since I lost my job I have been going through a lot. I'm so desperate that I'm running out of items to sell. I understand if you cannot help me as you get a lot of letters asking for help but if you can we will be so greatful. Thank you for your time,
    Jeff McCarter 864-237-5280 110 Village Park Dr.Apt.57 Simpsonville S.C. 29681

  8. . I hope you can help me and my family. We are about to lose our home on 8/6/13 we owe 3000 on our house .Everything was going well when my husband lost his job and I am the only one working if you can help me with this amount I will be able to save the house and hopefully my husband will find a job real soon if you would like to speak with us my name is betty brads haw and my husband is randy brads haw .We do have 2 sons that are disabled really hope you can help us. If you need to talk to me or Randy you can contact us at 623-931-1577 or email me at Bbettyphn@aol.com
    Thank you
    Betty and Randy Brads haw
    5803 W Vogel Ave
    Glendale AZ 85302

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  10. Dear Sir or madam,
    Me and my husband is in very bad need of help, we both are disabled and on disabily
    he gets little over $1.000 amo and i get $20.00 a mo for mine because of his check so i am on ssi for my medical insurance , what we need help with is our home is rotting down around us and we cant aford the repairs on it ,the side of one of our walls lettlery shakes and our bathroom is in bad shape we are so afread its going to fall in, can you please help us we have tryed so many places that they want your life histary and its a book like to fill out , and the questions they ask you please we need help thank you mamananny60@gmail.com

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  13. Hello I'm in the middle of rock and a hard place. Being a single mom for over 20 yrs I decided to go to college to be a Medical Assistant. I've completed & passed 14 subjects but after getting evicted from my apt of 8 yrs I had to put what I could move myself into storage & move in my moms. Its a tiny apt for me & my 2 kids to stay. I need a car to get me to finish my last 3 subjects of school then I can move on with my career & get back on my feet. Sometimes you need a little help to get there. But my family doesn't have extra income or they would help me. I would greatly appreciate anyones help.

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  18. Hi, my name is Sarah Turner. I've been reaching out to my community for about a month but i havnt found any help yet, I first want to tell you a little bit of my story. i have three beautiful children Elijah who is 5, Ella who is 3, and Emily who is 1. when Ella was three months old she was diagnosed with failure to thrive and has lived between home and the hospital. It's a constant battle to get her to eat and get her weight up she still isn't on the growth chart but she is trying hard :) she has a mountain of medical bills and medical needs that we can no longer keep up with because a year ago when Emily was born I had to stop working due to my health which started declining during my pregnancy with her, a few weeks before i was to deliver i experienced severe pain under my right rib and immediately went to the hospital. Shortly after a few tests and scans were done the doctor and his nurse rushed and and told me they had to take the baby right away because i was in kidney failure and my life and the babies was in danger. Emily was born a happy healthy beautiful girl and i was taken for more tests and surgeries. Several surgeries and medications later i was doing better. then a months later everything started going down hill again, they found out i had Lupus and RA. It's a struggle everyday but I will never give up and let Lupus win! So as you can imagine with only my husband working and between my medical costs and Ella's it has been extremely hard to pay the bills we have and we are losing where we are staying because we aren't able to pay all of our rent anymore. So I thought I'd reach out to my community for help and prayers for my family. I'm asking that you please pray for our family and ask your friends to do so as well, and I do know that it is hard times for everyone right now but i have faith that someone will be able to help us either financially or materialistically, if there is anyway that you or someone you know would be able to help us out financially I've set up an account with Go fund me which is a safe and secure way to donate the link to it is http://www.gofundme.com/Give-a-home any amount helps! You can also contact me at my email at sarahlynturner1988@gmail.com i really need to get the down payment for a home before we dont have a place to go if there is any way you can help please do. thank you so much for your time and prayers God bless.


  20. hello my name is Ali ( i will give my complete name when i find someone trust him )
    i live in Algeria i am not looking for money but i need someone to pay for my study in USA or Canada or New Zealand .
    i am in big trouble and my life in risk because i am gay and to be gay is a crime here in my country . and may family want me to get married very soon . i can not say no and i could not say i am gay . but if the know about that i will go to the jail or get killed by my family or someone else so i need someone to help me get out from here but the only easy way is to ask for study visa .
    i am 33 years old now and i do not have much time .
    i work as a secretary man in office state here in Algeria i just get this job since few days from now and the pay is not enough to help me to ask for any kind of visa i just get about 160 dollars in the month .
    and if i do not find the way to get out from this hell i will kill my self because its better than this life .
    i am not a hustler or a bad boy want to get easy money .
    i just want to be myself and be happy and live .
    and i promise i will Proved every thing i said in this letter and after i get help from you and be fine i will return your money i swear .
    by the way i have many friends from USA that they know my story and my situation and they can proved that .
    thanks so much for reading my email .
    my email / aalianos@yahoo.com

  21. Dear Ms Gertz and Mr Ressler,
    Our house will be auctioned in Houston County Georgia on January 7th 2014. This will be demoralizing for us. I mostly fear for our two boys; their world will unravel. Please help us. I know there are others who are in worse situations; please help them too. You have the power to alleviate so much pain and loss with just the stroke of your pen. I confess, I envy folks like you. I've often imagined winning the lottery and giving most of it away. I've always been a good man. I just need one good stroke of luck to smooth everything out again. It would make such a big difference in all of our lives. Please continue to do this merciful work. Thank you.
    Matthew Smith

  22. Good Day:

    I'm writing to see about obtaining donations towards medical bills. We have set up a fund raising site at rally.org for a friend who needs help with medical issues. She needs surgery to replace both knees, she has had 5 surguries over the past 4 years on both legs, at this point she is in need to knee replacements in both knees. She is unable to go to work, and wants to be able to get back on her feet and be able to go back to work.

    She does not have the money she needs to have the surgery, and has some past medical bills to pay as well. We have set up a page on rally.org. below is the link. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Margie Kendall

  23. http://www.gofundme.com/453a1g

    I am an older, single dad, (will be 60 this year) raising my two daughters who are 9 and 6 years old. I had cancer surgery in (August 2013). There were complications from that and I had to have another surgery to correct it. I'm slowly healing, but it's taking a while. I'm in pain a lot, but I'm keeping up a good face for my girls. These health issues have caused unexpected expenses and I have gotten behind in just about everything. The money I get from disability was already barely enough to make ends meet. At this moment we are in danger of having our water and power cut off, as well as facing eviction. In addition, I have a medical bill that needs to be paid, but I'll have to worry about that later. Right now we just need to be secure in a living space. I tell my girls everything will be alright, and that God will help us. I started to tell them about our Forever House, where we won't have to move from. Please help us stay in our home. God bless you

    Herman, Mary and Grace's Dad

  24. I am I a very desperate situation and struggling on disability due to 40 operations if anyone could help with just a 100 pound for my child to het clothes and birthday present would be eternally grateful clairecarl2011@gmail.com thanlyou

  25. My name is Kyme' Hart and am appealing to you in hope that you will assist me in sponsoring me to receive a Service / Special Skills Dog. I have Cerabel Palsy/Epilepsy and one of these dogs would really help me with my daily routine by detecting seizures, seeing me through them, opening and closing doors,turn lights on and off among many other tasks. I found a dog that is being trained; however, I need $2,000 for a deposit and $4.000 before I receive her. I have to travel to Plymouth, Indiana, the $6,000 doesn't include travel and stay costs. If you would like confirm this with the trainer her name is Rachel Miller, she is a certified Service/Special Skills Dog trainer and her email address is Nothernindianasrvicesdogs@yahoo.com.

    Any and all assistance in the sponsorship is greatly needed and appreciated

    Kyme' Hart
    (289) 931 - 8728

  26. Please take a moment to view my profile and help me raise money for college. Gofundme.com/ml9878
    Please make all donations at gofundme.com/ml9878



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