Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Celebrities That Give Free Money #6: Ask George Lucas for Financial Assistance

According to Forbes Philanthropy Magazine the fourth most generous celebrity as of 2012 in America is Hollywood Director George Lucas, the famous celebrity who created the Star Wars series has donated over $4,250,000 to the George Lucas Education Foundation which aims to empower young people to become responsible leaders and citizens and to realize their full potential. The Hollywood director lags behind Jami Gertz, Herb Alpert and Mel Gibson as the most generous celebrity in 2012.

The aim of the George Lucas Education Foundation is to strive to improve the K-12 learning process and to prepare students to thrive in future education, career and adult lives. The foundation has a vision of a new world of learning where students, parents, teachers and administrators as well as policy makers can work actively together to make education a better at school.  

If you're struggling with money and need help with your finances the you could turn to the George Lucas Education Foundation for help, although the foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals you can inquire about all the external non profit organizations that they fund that could offer you help. 

The Foundation website also offers some excellent resources for grant information and helps to get you started. There is a webinar that you must check out called the Fundamentals of Funding, this webinar helps by letting you know how to identify, write, and submit grants for schools and programs. The resources also includes websites with grant information which is a great place to start, you can find all the information below.

Grant Information: Resources to Get You Started

If you're planning on contacted the non profit organization then the contact details are below, it's important to understand that there is no guarantee that you'll get any money, at the very least you should be pointed in the right direction to get help.

George Lucas Education Foundation

PO Box 3494
San Rafael
California 94912-3494

Email: Info@edutopia.Org

If you're planning on asking the foundation for help please leave a comment below, if you've already contacted the foundation for help please leave a comment to share your experiences so that others can learn.

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