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How to Ask Rich People For Money in 2014 (9 Steps)

If you’re experiencing hardship then why not ask rich people for help? As individuals become rich and wealthy they also become very generous and want to help people like you and me. Some of the most generous philanthropists are millionaires and billionaires who want to give money away. Some billionaires like Warren Buffett have even pledged to give their entire wealth away to help people all around the world. If you’re facing a challenge and have nowhere to turn to then you could ask rich people for help.

How to Ask Rich People for Money

Knowing how to ask rich people for money can make a tremendous impact on your life. If you are facing hardship and want the resources to dig your way out of poverty then millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists are willing to help. Most of the requests for help come from fraudsters who want to make a quick buck, these requests for money are dismissed immediately. When a person has a genuine legitimate need these philanthropists are willing to help.

If you still not convinced do a search for Craig Rowin who asked millionaires for money. Craig created a YouTube money request video directed at rich people who give away money. The video went viral within a few weeks Craig Rowin secured a million dollar donation from a generous millionaire. It is entirely possible!

Step 1: Are You Really Experiencing Hardship

The first step to asking rich people for money is self reflection. Do you really need the money? Help will only be given to those that really need it, if you’re experiencing a genuine hardship and you’ve tried to sort yourself out and have sought public assistance then you could be eligible for help. A Genuine need would be help with medical treatment, medical bills, poverty, homelessness, disaster recovery, financial despair. If you’re going through one of these challenges then there is a good chance you’ll get help. Rich people giving money away are very sympathetic to the needs of those experiencing hardship.

Step 2: Look for Rich People

The next step when asking rich people for money is to look for rich people who might be able to help you; if you look at rich lists such as the Forbes Philanthropy List, The Business Week Rich List or the Giving Pledge you’ll be able to find at least one hundred millionaires and billionaires who give money away. Some of the biggest donors include Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Kaiser, George Soros and Jeff Skoll.

Try to create a spreadsheet with all one hundred philanthropists and then take the time to read the profiles and the good causes that they support. This step might take time but it is definitely worth it, by researching deeper into the philanthropist’s background you’ll be able to determine which billionaires are most likely to support your hardship.

Step 3: Names & Addresses of Rich People

Once you’ve got your list ranked in order of billionaires who are most likely to donate to you, your next step is to find the contact details of all these generous people. Finding the contact details should not take too long, you can either contact the charitable foundation they run or you could email and write to them direct. Once you’ve found the contact details make a note of this on your spreadsheet so that you can have a complete list. Finding the contact details of rich people giving away money might seem like a lot of work but it does eventually pay off. The more research you can do on millionaires giving money the more you will get to know about all the charitable foundations and programs which might help you.

Step 4: Writing a Hardship Letter

The next step is to write a hardship letter to the rich person and ask them for money, this is one of the most important steps and you should spend a lot of time perfecting your letter so that it communicates effectively with the millionaire you’re about to contact. A polished hardship letter should include your present circumstances and how you got into the hardship. The letter should also ask for financial assistance, ask for something in the region of $100 and don’t push your luck too much, finish the letter by describing how much of a difference this would make to your life. Take your time to make as many drafts as you need to perfect the letter until it represents your circumstances.

The preferred way to contact rich people who give money away is through their charitable foundation. You will stand a better chance of getting money if you find the right program for your circumstances. If you want to improve your career prospects then you could research of all the charitable foundations offering scholarship programs. There is a program for absolutely everything except for laziness! 

Step 5: Send the Hardship Letter to Rich People

Once you’ve perfected your hardship letter you need to send it to all the rich people on the list you compiled on your spreadsheet, you could mail merge the hardship letter with the spreadsheet so that you can print off all the letters quickly and efficiently rather than writing the names and addresses of each rich person. Once you’ve got all your letters address them in an envelope and send them off.

Step 6: Waiting for a Response 

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you’ll get help, these requests can take months to process and most of the time they want more information. It’s more effective to gradually work through your list so that you can eventually get a constant stream of letters either giving you a donation or not. Don’t be disorientated or disappointed if you’re rejected and just keep on trying.

Step 7: Ask Other People for Help

Now that you have your hardship letter you can start contacting other people for help, you could start writing to local business, churches, and charities asking them for financial assistance. Local businesses love to help their community so sending a letter to all the businesses in your area might turn out to be very profitable. Churches and charities are often very generous when it comes to giving out clothes and food so you could save a lot of money.

Step 8: Ask the Public for Help

You can even take this one step further and post your letter online on cyber begging sites; these sites have helped countless people who’ve experienced hardship. All you have to do is copy your letter and publish it online and then use the power of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and to reach as many people as you can. If your hardship request goes viral then there is a very good chance you’ll make a lot of money.

Step 9: What to do With the Money

Eventually you’ll start to see donations coming in, it’s important that you remind yourself why you needed the donation and use the money for that purpose, avoid going on spending sprees and use the money effectively. If you’ve been given more money that you need then stick this into a savings account so that you can use it as an emergency fund.

You should visit USA.Gov if need urgent financial assistance and financial help from the Government. You can apply for mortgage assistance programs, military financial assistance, financial assistance for pensioners and even debt consolidation and debt management advice. 

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Main Office
500 Fifth Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
Telephone: (206) 709-3100

Susan Thomson Buffett Foundation

222 Kiewit Plaza Omaha
Nebraska 68131
Telephone: (402) 943-1383

Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation

1635 Market Street17th FloorPhiladelphia, PA 19103
Email: Info@jbjSoulFoundation.Org
Telephone: (215) 636-0420

How to Ask Rich People For Money 

Getting money from rich people is not a myth. A lot of requests for money do get denied because the sender does not have a legitimate genuine need. When people do have a genuine need some sort of help will be available. Millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and rich people who give money can be found almost everywhere. It seems everyone has a charitable foundation these days which means there is more money available for those who of us who need it. I have included some contact details of rich people who give money above so you can get started.