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I Need Help Buying Food for My Family

I need help buying food is a frequently asked question on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. If you're facing financial difficulty buying food for your family then this guide will help you to reduce your food bills, eat better food. This guide will also look at all the programs available for low income families and individuals as well as hunger programs in the USA that will help you feed your family for free. 

This will be a very comprehensive guide which I will constantly add to help as many people as I can, I've experienced hunger myself and I know how unpleasant it can feel (I seriously sympathize); please bookmark this article and forward it to as many people experiencing hunger, leave a comment if you know of any tips or programs that can help people experience food poverty. 

#1: Budget Your Money Better

Effective budgeting can make your grocery bill much more manageable, sometimes people are surprised to find out how much they spend on a particular area in their life. If you need help with food then smart budgeting is essential to curb your spending on groceries. When I was facing difficulties feeding my family I started budgeting, to my absolute horror I found that I was spending more money on entertainment and hobbies that I was on food. 
Budgeting will help you to get things into perspective and will help you prioritize what is most important which is to feed your family healthy and nutritious food. You should create your income and expenses statement so that you can see where all your money is going, you might be surprised. The most important exercise is to try to cut need less spending and then use that money for the things that matter like feeding your family.

#2: Get Groceries for Cheap Using Coupons and Vouchers

Another great way to stretch the amount you can buy is with coupons and special offers. You can get groceries for cheap using these strategies. When I need help with food the first thing I did was to downscale on the food supermarket I use and go to a budget supermarket, this helped me to drastically reduce my food bills. 

I also looked for coupons on the internet on the foods I needed and every time I found something it was like finding free money, I also looked at supermarket comparison sites to find half price offers or buy one get one free. The bottom line was I always looked for a cheaper alternative or ways I could cut the cost of buying foods. A search on the internet will reveal excellent sites which offers advice to people who want to stretch their money using special offers and coupons.

#3: Learn to Love Leftovers

One of the best way of Feeding Hunger is to learn to love leftovers. If everyone embraced and shared their leftovers no one would need help with food. When I need help with food the first thing I do is embrace leftovers and make meals stretch as far as possible. This is a great strategy to help with food and bills! Make your food last as long as possible, learn to make your energy last as long as possible. Small changes to make the best of resources will help to save you money so you can allocate more money towards food.

For me personally there were times when we chucked everything that we didn't want to eat, when I look back I think to myself what a waste of money, throwing food away was like throwing money away. What really helped with lowering our food bill was cooking less food and leaving leftovers for another day. If you're struggling with your food bill I would urge you to take this challenge and cook less food and lower your portion size, if you find that you're chucking away 1/3 of your food then cook a third less, instead of cooking 7 days worth of meals cook only 5 days and then use the leftovers for days 6 and 7. 


#4: Find Inexpensive Food Items

Whenever I need help with money I find inexpensive food items to slash my grocery bills. This is like taking groceries for cheap to the next level. This tip was mentioned quickly on #1 but deserves more attention, if you're struggling with your food bills you need to downshift a brand, rather than buying Coca Cola you need to buy budget cola, rather than buying Branded chocolate you need to switch to generic brands. If you can do this with every item you buy you can slash your bill by half! Take the challenge for a month, make the switch and then see how much you save, also see if you notice a big difference.

#5: Apply for Food Stamps Help

You can get help from the government by applying for food stamps. Food Stamps help low income families and individuals who are experiencing hunger. Whenever I need help with food I look for government programs that help low income families and individuals. If I need financial help I also turn to the government who offer welfare benefits to get you back on your feet. You can apply for food stamps if you're experiencing hunger and have no income or savings. If you're on a very low income or have lost your job, are facing financial despair, disaster or crisis then you might be eligible for food stamps from the Government. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program helps people to feed their families, the public assistance comes in the form of vouchers which can be redeemed for food from stores that accept the vouchers. This program is invaluable for those who are having difficulties and you should apply right now if you're in this position, swallow your pride and get help. You can apply for help from the USDA Food & Nutrition Service.

#6: Emergency Food Help From Food Banks

Another option that you could explore is food banks, these programs are for families and individuals who have nowhere to turn to and need immediate assistance. These food banks are sometime also referred to as Emergency Food Help programs dedicated to helping people overcome hunger. Food banks are spread all across America and are one of the greatest programs available in the world today. Being hungry feels terrible seeing your family experience hunger is even worse, these non profit organization help people all across America with food. I have bookmarked as many Food Bank Programs that I could find, I will add more as and when I find them. 

If you know anyone who is experiencing hunger then forward this guide to them, if you know more hunger food banks then leave a comment below for people to share. You should also do some research on the internet to find churches that help with food. Go to Google Maps and then find all the churches in your area and contact them individually to inquire about churches that help with food. Nearly all churches have a program to help hungry people. Search for the following if you need emergency food help.

Search 1: Feeding America Food Banks

Search 2: North Carolina Feeding America Food Banks
Search 3: Food Pantries America Food Banks

#7: Grow Your Own Food

If you've got a garden you have to grow your own food or at least try, if you can become a better gardener every year then the less you'll have to spend on your grocery. When I was experiencing hardship my garden became a respite from the depression of not having money, I grew tomatoes, potatoes, apples, pears, plums and used every inch of my garden to get some food, leaving a patch empty was like saying no to money. If you've got a garden start growing things and see how much you can save, start small and then build your produce. If you're thinking about where to get help with food always consider your garden or allotment because it could contribute towards 50% of your food requirements which is just amazing.

#8: Eat Less

If you're overweight then try to eat less, if you've been putting off that diet or are thinking about losing some pounds from around the waist then do it now. Buy less food and start your diet, if you eat less you'll lose weight and have enough money to feed your family, stop spending on takeouts, on expensive beverages and foods with high fat and sugars, replace them with cheaper healthier alternatives, if you can lose weight, save money and become healthy in one go then your life will improve in three dimensions.

#9: Buy Low GI Foods 

The reason I ate to frequently was because I was eating foods high in fat and sugars, this habit was also picked up by my children, the high from the taste of fat, sugar wore of quickly so we visited the fridge more often which increased our food bills. By switching to foods with low GI I was able to feel fuller for longer, foods like Weatabix mixed Low Fat Yogurt and fruits. The less we ate the less we spent on food so our food bill became more manageable. 

I  Need Financial Help

If you're desperate and have nowhere to turn to and need urgent financial assistance you should visit the USA.Gov website to find financial help from the Government. You could get help with mortgage assistance programs, military financial assistance, financial help for self employed, and financial assistance for pensioners. All these programs are designed for people who need financial help.

I Need Help Buying Food Summary

If you need help buying food for your family then try some of the tips mentioned above, the more attention you put into the advice the more money you could save which will help you to put healthy nourishing food on the table for your family. Please feel free to comment and add more tips to this guide, the more tips there are the more people we can help. Also please forward this guide to anyone who is experiencing hunger, by using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and G+ we can reach a much wider audience. I really hope this guide helps. Be sure to read my other Millionaires Giving Money guides if you need financial help, these guides will help you save and make money in every area of your life.

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  1. If your experiencing hunger please leave a comment below for someone to help, leave your name and email so they can contact you.

    If you have any tips for people experiencing huger then please share with everyone. I will add more and more resources to this guide so please bookmark it or share it with others.

    1. I need food, I'm not asking for a lot just enough to feed me and my two boys during the holidays. reach me at mammajoojoo @ aol . com

    2. I am 29 years old with 5 children all under the age of 11, I work full time and all of money goes to bills and student loans, I live pay check to pay check, I tried applying for assitace from the state but if you are not a lazy woman or a stay at home mom they will not assist you, I am so depressed because I am trying so hard to provide for my kids but financially I am suffucated please help me any help is greatly appreciatted.. My email address is
      Have a blessed Day!

    3. We (my family) has no extra money (just the donated money so far) and 9 days to figure out how to come up with the money
      for a place to stay( Ronald Mcdonald house isnt going to be suitable due to our daughters issues)to pay for our food and gas. It is myself, my boyfriend and our daughter needing a place to stay while our son has his surgery 1st of two surgeries.

      Damion’s real fathers insurance will cover some of the test and appointments but has a $200 deductible but not all and not his medication or hospital stay.

      They will not allow us to stay with him as siblings are not allowed to stay there and his sister has severe AD/HD & Autism which makes it very difficult to even do anything, this is affecting her severely and is going to make is very difficult on her.

      Please help us pay for his operation, his medicine, our food & a place to sleep if you can?

      My son is and has been violently sick since July 2014, and the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him until Thursday 1/15/15, he has hydroureteronephrosis.

      His procedure is Jan. 27, 2015, a Laparoscopic Robotic Pyeloplasty. During the procedure they will find out what is wrong exactly meaning they are not exactly 100% sure what it is but will fix it while they are in there.

      He has either Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ obstruction) or a Congenital (Hereditary) abnormality that produces a narrow ureter & causes a nearby blood vessel to strangle the ureter.

      He will stay for at least 3 days and during that time we can’t drive 1.5 hours one way back and forth to home (besides he is scared and doesn't want to be alone) we needs money for food, shelter and medical costs.

      The link for people to share this or donate to help us is at
      Please Help Us Pay Damion’s Medical Bill’s

      I am afraid that because of his congenital heart disease he will not make it through the surgery, this fear could be unfounded but I am his mom and it is normal to worry. The doctor did say there are several things that go wrong besides
      the heart issue, such as throwing a clot because I have a history and they dont know why, he could get infections, the kidney could fail and a few other less serious things.

      We have raised $200 ($190 after Paypal fees) and its going to cost about or over $50,000 total but I didn't want to be greedy . It has already cost over $7200 for the tests he has had to date.
      I dont dare to ask for that much money from people I don’t know. So I am only trying to raise $4000,..I have 8 days to get as much as possible, the money raised after his surgery will be used for follow up appointments and medications, plus he will have a second procedure about 4 weeks after to remove a stent (tube from his ureter) which he will be put under again so it is another surgery.
      I have spoke to friends and family and they will see what if anything they can afford to do.
      What I am asking for doesn't cover the cost of our bills we are getting behind in because of all of this.

      Plumfund sends the money to Paypal and I am having any money raised outside the fund also sent to Paypal.

      If your not comfortable sending money through a website you are welcome to send it directly to us; only cash or money orders made out to me because he has no ID yet and cant cash it otherwise,..
      For get well cards mail too';
      Damion Johnson
      C/O Margo Johnson
      42 Carey Road
      Hardwick, Vermont

      For donations mail too:
      Margo Johnson
      42 Carey Road
      Hardwick, Vermont
      Feel free to call me also 802-473-2521
      Or send directly to Paypal (Which is where the payments are sent to anyway) at <<<Paypal email

      I do not know how to thank people for helping my son get through this but know please that I will always have a special place in my heart for you; as will Damion and the rest of my family.

      With Love,
      Margo, Damion, James & Arianna

      ~God Bless You All~

    4. Hello, I am currently struggling. I'm trying my best to not see me and my children be homeless. I'm trying to get help through charity with rent, Because I am already three weeks behind. My landlord is being patient with me, thank God. Also, we are on our last meal. I have been looking for food banks, and I came across this site. I'm going to pray that I receive some help. I don't know what to do from this point. I feel horrible to have my children I'm this position.
      Thank you....

    5. Hello, I am currently struggling. I'm trying my best to not see me and my children be homeless. I'm trying to get help through charity with rent, Because I am already three weeks behind. My landlord is being patient with me, thank God. Also, we are on our last meal. I have been looking for food banks, and I came across this site. I'm going to pray that I receive some help. I don't know what to do from this point. I feel horrible to have my children I'm this position.
      Thank you....

  2. Hello. Do you only help with families in the UK? We have family in the US that needs help; however we've exhausted all our savings (minus 401K) to help family.

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    Thank you



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