Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rich People Giving Away Money Online

Rich people giving away money online is not a myth, it’s actually true - its happening right now. There are hundreds and thousands of rich people who help other people in need all over the world by donating money through sites like Just Giving and even PayPal. If you've got a legitimate need then you should get help from rich ordinary people. In this guide we look at the steps involved if you’re considering asking rich people for money online. As always it’s important to keep your expectations in check, the online requests for money could take months before you see any donation, also there is also no guarantee whether you’ll get any money.

#1: Join Cyber Begging Sites

One of the best ways to ask rich and ordinary people for money online is through cyber begging sites. Cyber Begging sites allow ordinary people to publish their hardship online so that other people can read about the hardship and donate money. Two of the best cyber begging sites include Beglist.Org and Freebeg.com; you can post your hardship online for free and then wait for people to donate via PayPal.

If you have a genuine hardship then you've got a better chance of making money, hardships that people like to donate to include disaster recovery, medical bills, poverty, homelessness, repossessions, abuse and financial despair. If you’re experiencing one of these hardships then it’s worth taking the time to post a hardship online.

#2: Post a Hardship Online

When you post your hardship online take your time and try to describe your problems clearly and effectively, welcome any donation whether they are large or small and then ask people to forward the hardship page to their friends. Finish the post by explaining how much of a difference the donation would make and thank them for their time. Write as many drafts as you need to until you've got the perfect hardship post that you want to share with the world. Another important point to bear in mind is that anything you write must be true and accurate, it’s actually a crime to deceive rich people to give money.

#3: Share Your Hardship Page

Once you've perfected your online post you need to share it with as many people as you can, share it with your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and people you know, ask them to share it with other people they know as this will reach a wider audience. You can also send the page to charitable foundations, charities, churches, millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and even corporate philanthropy teams. The more people you send your page to the more help you are likely to get.

#4: Send Your Hardship Page to Rich People

If you want to share your post with rich people then you could get a list of some of the richest people in the world from three great philanthropy sites, (1) The Forbes Philanthropy List, (2) The Business Week Rich list, and (3) The Giving Pledge. All these lists combined will give you over one hundred of the richest philanthropists in the world. If you can take your research one step further and get the email details of the charitable foundation that they run you could send them a link to your hardship page.

#5: Use Social Media to Make Your Hardship go Viral

If you can make your hardship page go viral you could end up with a lot of money. To stand any chance of making your post go viral you need to make it engaging and tear jerking. You want the reader to forward the post to as many people as possible. Use social media sites such as YouTube.com, Twitter and Facebook to reach as many people as possible. If you do end up going viral then you can expect to make more money that you ever expected to make. If you need help with financial problems, debt management, help paying mortgage, financial assistance for pensioners or military financial assistance then its still worth a try.



  1. Hello! I am a young guy living in a small town in a small area in Sweden. but dreams of a life in Gothenburg but I have no money. I have no direct sum of money I want to ask for but around. $ 10,000 - $ 25,000 i will be happy as I get something and will be eternally grateful for any help MAIL ME : MATTTIAS@LIVE:SE

  2. Hi my name is Jael I'm 25 I live on my own I don't have a job i dont have much money to go do things with my boyfriend I want $900 to $1000 but if I can't get the money I would even be happy with 150 so if you can help me out I would be happy you can reach me at Jael_gille@yahoo.com or jaelgille61@gmail.com thank you and god bless you.





  5. I need $100 dollars for this book I want please I'm an need of having $100 dollars I need that's book bad in it be blessing from God to have a $100 dollars my email kashawndac@gmail.com can you send it buy mail and I don't have a job.

  6. Hi I am going to ask of the people out there something that I think might be outrageous but in all honesty this my last resort. I have applied to every financial institution I could possibly apply to even to capital investors no luck. I need US $ 1 million to some this is worth a lifetime and some its worth very little. The reason why I am asking for this money is because it can start an chain of positive events and influence many lives not only mine alone. I want to start a business and with profits generated from products sold I would like to donate money to schools to upgrade schools and envolve children in sports as well as help the less fortuanate to pay for school fees to assist parents and to insure students can have a fair chance of a proper education and change their future. Now I want to make it clear that this my true dream to be able to start up my own business and help as many as people as possible. To give them a chance that I never received. So please I know there are those who are willing to help and I am thanking you on advance. If you willing to help me I can be contacted via email at Autoglazevt@gmail.com if any details are required please contact me

  7. Good day! I really need some help. I need $3000 hopefully w/in the week, for me to b able to continue college. I just cant earn the exact amount in due time. The money will be used for me to re-admit and continue college, and after that its all on me. Please, any amount will really help.


  8. Hello,
    I am a recently separated 44 year old father and about to go through a divorce. I am keeping custody of my 2 girls but I cannot afford to support my kids on my high school education. After talking with my mom, I have decided to move up north with my kids and stay with my her while I get a college degree so I can give my girls a more secure future.

    The plan was to rent a 16 ft penske around Nov 8th. The Penske would allow me to rent a smaller truck and still tow my car. I planned on working until November 8th which would give me enough for the move and a little more till I could get a part time job so I could go to school full time. I told my boss of my plans and he asked me to turn in my resignation stating that I would be leaving on November 8th. I was let go right after.

    I am moving from Orlando, FL to Indiana. I have already been accepted to 2 colleges and planned to start my prerequisites in January. The truck with car dolly is around $680. The gas for 1000 miles would be around $400. So a total of around $1100 is needed.

    I feel embarrassed asking strangers for help but my kids' future are in my hands, and I am worried. If I can't get to Indiana my kids will have to go with their mom, and that environment is not good. She works for a traveling company and my children need the safety of a stable life and better education than they could get there. They have a home school curriculum with about twenty students from all grade levels and a certified teacher that over sees the program. But, some kids don’t do well with that situation. My daughter is fifteen and she is only in the seventh grade. Since she started at a public school she is 2 points away from being a straight A student.

    Please, if you could find it in your heart to give any form of donation it would be greatly appreciated, whether it's monetary or a company supplying a truck for moving I would be honored to prove my situation any way possible. Feel free to contact me. Also, you can look over my blog – singlefatherneeds help. http://singlefatherneedshelp.blogspot.com

    Jeff W

  9. Hi people I have read through these stories and only three of them have really sincerely touched me the only real sad part of it all is too read and put myself in your positions hoping that somebody would help but the reality of it is only that I bet my last dime on this that no philanthropists or millionaires even know that you are asking for help. My point is no one even sees this website. Do yourselfs a favour and view the "giving pledge"these people do pledge half of their fortunes but only to their chosen charities or what have you. Not to normal people with everyday needs or those who who want to change their own lives and families and as many people out there as possible. But I have realised one thing in life "there is no such thing as a free lunch"meaning Iif you dont make a plan nobody else will go out of their way to roll a stone out of your unless it will benefit them in someway its called "Business" so yea guys I feel for all of you really do need help but the truth is no one will be helping its already degrading enough to ask strangers for help whether financially or in any other matter the more degrading part is having hope that someone is going to help... but unfortuanately not the the truth. I exclude my story from my writing but I speak the other three who really need help... these "millionaires, billionaires coild help all three people and would not even notice money left their bank accounts ... so just know the only one who will help or can help is you yourself...

  10. Not gonna lie , I just want 100, 000 dollars to get out of debt

  11. Tired, that what I am. Each month I start out in the hole. As a family of five, with my son-in-law working to get at least 30 hours a week in, so that we can have food on the table, and gas in the car. My daughter wants to go back to work, but that not going to happen. The car we bought in April is on the verge of dying. I’m tired of stealing from Paul to pay Peter. My son-in-law and I are both veterans, me Vietnam, and Joshua an Iraqi vet.
    It’s the 4th of November, we haven’t got the rent money. I’m overdrawn at the bank by $40.00. I went to Social Security Administration to get a replacement card. Had my expired driver’s license (which I can’t replace until I have my social security card).
    I expect that in a couple of weeks, the electric bill will be due, its probably going to be another $300.00, that we can’t afford. We don’t spend money wastefully, no movies, or dining out, we don’t even have cable television. A neighbor lets us piggy back off his internet, so we can use the computer.
    I am a Christian, I pray every day that we will receive what we need, not what we want. They garnish Joshua paycheck, and if Kimberly returns to work, they will garnish her wages (child support, from a previous relationship). They both want to go back to school, but that look like it won’t happen.
    My grandchildren Rickey and Chloe suffer the most. We have moved 3 times in the last 2 years. We just get settled, and we have to move, because life has thrown us another curve. We were 2 months late on our rent last month, and now were late again.
    All we ask is for enough to get us out of this hole that we are in. No more, no less. Pay off all our debt, and maybe send Kimberly to school, so she can find a good paying job.

  12. Replies
    1. I don't have much to say anyway than thank God! A friend gave me Mr Paul Young contact. I emailed him and told him about my situation. He's a kind and generous man. I wonder why he won't come to this site to help people. He said he has tried several times and only pay to wrong people and since then he has decided to help people directly and not through a company website. I thought it was a joke! then he refer me to his accountant to wire money to my Bank of America account the the next day. it's true just like a dream!! He ask me to get more individuals in need and not companies or website. Contact him if you are really in need and he will attend to you. Long live Paul Young! you are a true man of GOD!
      Email him and pyoung1234@yahoo.com

  13. Hi I'm a 25 year old guy living in Australia. I have always giving to people in need when I can. I just never thought I would see the day i would find my self in need. About 6 month ago I was forced to live in car because of an order against me. I came home to my ex-partner with another man. and my step son of 2 years old crying out side the bedroom door all alone. So I got this guy out of my family's home. I admit I could have handled things better. I just had a moment of weakness. Anyways long story short it came down to my ex-partner and her son living on the street or me so I choose my self. I couldn't allow a woman and a child on the streets. So I lived in my car for 4 months. Luckily my brother had a home he was moving out from. I have lived here for 2 months. what my brother didn't tell me is the lease is all most up and he was being forced out him self. So I find my self in the same boat with no where to go. I'm on a disability pension and don't have much money at all. Paying for the bills and for food. Sometimes I'm even lucky to eat at all. Have passed debt which I'm on payment plans also paying off. I haven't got enough to save. what I would like is a place of my own but I can't see that happening anytime in my life time. So I would like the next best thing a caravan and a car to pull it. my car is unregistered and makes me pay out more in fines. any help would change my life around Please feel free to email me at Jack0_619@hotmail.com

  14. Dear Sir, This is with ref. to my urgent need of cash with ref. to my future goal to help my mother. As my father expired in 1994 due to a sudden accident, we at present live in our uncle's home. We know how we have grown up through out this years without father's love and regular tourcher from our uncle and their children. At present we are suffering with the touchers from our uncle about to vaccant the home where we are living. The immense pressure for that we are getting at preset. We really need some urgent money to acquire and fulfill our present need for the same. Pl. revert and do the needful. Rds. Chintan Sanghavi. E-mail : cdsanghavi@gmail.com

  15. Dear sir, Good Morning to you and wish you a very happy and beautiful new year 2014. Sir, I hail from nadia district of West Bengal, India. I need money from you as donation. I am involved in social service and I stand by the side of poor needy people of my society. You can see one of my attempts of social service in facebook under my name AKHIL CHANDRA DAS. I need huge amount (ATLEAST 30 LAKHS of rupees) to do social services. Please donate money in my bank account. The particulars of bank is: Name of account holder: AKHIL CHANDRA DAS & SARMILA DAS, Account No. 31763609898, Name of the bank: SBI (State bank of India), Name of the branch: CHAKDAH, District: Nadia, IFSC Code: SBIN0004744, MICR Code:700002564. Please help me. Thanks. God bless you ! Email: harekrishna.5500@gmail.com

  16. Raising Money For IVF Treatment

    My name Zaneta,
    I'm now 38 years old. I want baby but can't get Pregnant last 10 years.

    Dear friends, family and others that may read this.

    As some of our nearest and dearest are aware, in the hope to have a baby, Greg and I are going to be trying (In vitro fertilization) IVF.

    This is one of our last hopes to help start the family we that we’ve longed for, for so many years.

    The last barrier that we need to pass is the financial barrier. For us, the cost of IVF is going to be around $24,000. A hefty price but we’ll worth it.

    We have fallen $9,000 short and we are reaching out to you to help us raise that.

    What’s more special than being able to give the gift of life?

    We would be eternally grateful if you could make a contribution to help us secure the IVF treatment. I’ve also added a list of rewards in exchange for your contribution.

    However, I know things are hard for so many people in the current climate so I also understand if it’s not possible. If you can’t donate, please help by spreading the word about this fundraiser.

    email zaneta.skackauskiene@googlemail.com

  17. Hello! I would like to someone help me with my mortgage... Im working in UK now to pay it off..my biggest dream is to have a second child, but I cant, because all money I earn im sending back home for mortgage. Please, if you can help! Thanks in advance. Regards Eva

  18. Request For Money
    Respected Madam / Sir,

    Firstly I give you my small introduction .I am 43 Years old Salaried Person My income is very low my salary is this time is only 8,000/- (Indian Rupees )per month .I live In Ropar (Punjab)( India) Since last eight years. My life is going to be simple & good but from last three months I had in deep trouble. At 20.11.2013 I take decision that now I plan for small own Home for this purpose I made an agreement with Mr.Ranjit singh Who is owner of that house whom I decided to purchase it. This decision not good for me According this Agreement I give Two Lac.(Indian Rupees) on same day & want three months time to pay rest of money Eight Lac (Indian Rupees) whom I planned to borrow from bank. But that Person did not disclose that this house is in under redline(The Property Which Have No Legal Records In Registry Department). Bank refused to pay me any type of loan against this house due to under redline property. Now I am frustrated because my all saving is now going to be vanish.

    I request you Kindly help me for facing this great trouble .Kindly give me financial help to sort-out this problem.

    Your’s Faithfully

    Gurvinder Singh
    S,Trilok Singh Guncha
    House No-379 ,Meeran Bai Chowk,
    Ropar (Punjab) (India) 140001

  19. hey I see everyone is on here looking or giving something away..im a lil scared to talk about all my situations on here but I am in serious need of some help
    contact me at akillifestyle@gmail.com

  20. Hi my name is Louise Kint I come from a very poor family in need of financial help I lost my husband from sickle cell disease and I got behind on some bills can someone please help me out I would greatly appreciated it and God bless you all if you can help my... Paypal... Email .... Louisechurch3@aol.com

  21. Hi. I'm Desire Abella from Philippines. I'm hoping that this site can me to solve my problem.
    Im 25 yrs old now. This is the story, Me and 2 of my friends is planning to study in New Zealand. We are so eager to study there because we know that's the only way to have a better future and to help our families here in the Philippines. We are about to process our papers but then we dont have enough money to pay tuition fees and enough money to sustain ourselves while we are studying there. We really want to study there, take the risk and do everything just to study, work and live there. Were doing all we can can just to have enough money but then our relatives nor friends to have have enough money to give or borrow us even with interest.
    I'm hoping that you guys can help me and my friends. I know you have a good heart to help other people.
    Thank you in advance and Godbless!

    Desire S. Abella

    Hoping for your quick response.

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  23. I don't have much to say anyway than thank God! A friend gave me Mr Paul Young contact. I emailed him and told him about my situation. He's a kind and generous man. I wonder why he won't come to this site to help people. He said he has tried several times and only pay to wrong people and since then he has decided to help people directly and not through a company website. I thought it was a joke! then he refer me to his accountant to wire money to my Bank of America account the the next day. it's true just like a dream!! He ask me to get more individuals in need and not companies or website. Contact him if you are really in need and he will attend to you. Long live Paul Young! you are a true man of GOD!
    Email him and pyoung1234@yahoo.com

  24. With much respect, I am writing to seek help that will support 44 orphaned children I am helping at my orphanage.
    My name is Seta, and I have been running this orphanage for the past 4 yeas in Cameroon, West Africa. I am 26 year of age and started this cause at the age of 22. The kids at the orphanage are from age 2 weeks olds old to 18 years old. The orphanage provides accommodation, feeding, education,health care, clothing and all it takes to live to these kids who are vulnerable and less privileged.website: www.abetterworld-cm.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ABetterWorldOrphanage
    As the number of the kids has increased with more orphaned babies depending to survive by artificial milk which is expensive here and the older kids also advancing in education with one of them in a medical school, a few of them in High school, some of them in secndary school and the others in kinder gardne and primary school,while there are other kids with ill health cases like HIV, Asthma, etc that need monthly medical attention, the financial demand has greatly increased including feeding or providing three times meals daily for 44 children. This has led me to land myself into a series of huge debts just to make sure the kids have the care and attention they deserve. As I am writing to you one of the creditors has taken a decision from the court to take over the house the orphans and I live in by the 10th of April 2012 if I dont pay the money I owe him. Where will I go with all these kids who all depend now on me as their only source of help? I love them so much and they love me too. We are a family now and dont don't deserve to be scatered apart just because of money. I am so troubled. Because of this trouble the kids can barely eat well for lack of finances. Please help settle this debt and regain the only home these orphans have, and help them have good nutrition and education which is their future as they are the future generation.
    Contact me on:
    Emai: abetterworld.cm@live.com / contact@abetterworld-cm.org
    Tel: 0023773093752
    website: www.abetterworld-cm.org
    Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/ABetterWorldOrphanage

    I am looking forward for a positive reply to my plea for help. God bless you more.

    Tel: 0023773093752
    website: www.abetterworld-cm.org
    Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/ABetterWorldOrphanage

  25. eskisehirny72@hotmail.com paypal.