Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Best Foundation That Give Grant to Individuals 2013 & 2014

If you need cash now then your options might be limited to taking out high interest loans or payday advances, if you you're looking for an alternative option then you could try applying for free money from foundations and charitable organizations. These organization help people who experience financial hardship, they are usually funded by millionaires and billionaires who want to help with their philanthropy. 

If you have a genuine need which includes help with medical bills, medical treatment, financial despair, crisis or disaster then there are foundations that can help you with money, in exceptional circumstances you could get cash now if you need the money fast, however these these circumstances are only for people who have a time sensitive issues.

I Need Cash Now or in the Near Future

Most people apply for a loan when they need money, the reality is that there are thousands of programs which offer help to struggling people and low income needy families. If you need cash now then you might as well check what else is on offer for the future. I have bookmarked some of the ten most popular charitable foundation from the top 100 American Foundation which help people all over America and the world.

If you're thinking about contacting these foundations then please leave a comment below so that you can share your experiences, please also feel free to bookmark this guide and forward it to anyone who might find it beneficial. Also note that these guides are sometimes picked up by philanthropists and people who want to help so feel free to leave your name and contact details along with a short description of your hardship in the hope you might get some help.

Top 100 American Foundations (81 to 90)

(1 to 10) (11 to 20) (21 to 30) (31 to 40) (41 to 50) (51 to 60) (61 to 70) (71 to 80)

81. M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust 

82. The Broad Art Foundation 

83. Hall Family Foundation 

84. Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc.

85. Otto Bremer Foundation

86. The Joyce Foundation

87. Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc. 

88. Bush Foundation

89. The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

90. The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.

The best way to contact these foundations is to go through each one thoroughly to check if there are any programs that you can apply for, once you've checked every program you can write a hardship letter or hardship letter asking for online financial assistance. Make sure you explain your present circumstances and your hardship and then ask for a small donation, make sure you describe how the money would really make a difference to your life.