Monday, 8 July 2013

Foundations That Give Money to Help People in Need 2013 & 2014

If you're experiencing hardship or financial despair then there are a lot of organizations which offer online financial assistance, they might not be able to give you money right away if you need cash now however they might be able to offer assistance to help you get over your hardship. 

In this article I will share some of the top 100 charitable foundations in America. If you do have a genuine hardship then you can contact these non profit organization and ask them for help.

A genuine hardship would include help with studies, help with medicine, help with prescription and treatments, disaster, financial despair, crisis, homelessness and poverty. Please feel free to bookmark this guide so you can refer back to it, also feel free to forward it to people who might benefit from the information. 

If you are planning to contact these charitable foundations then please leave a comment so that others can learn from your experience. Finally leave a comment asking for help below as these guides sometimes become viral landing on lap of people who really want to help.

Online Financial Assistance from American Foundations

The ten charitable foundations mentioned below have been compiled from the Foundation Center. This organization is one of best for finding foundations that give online financial assistance. The Foundation Center offers a database of over 10,000 foundations, grant makers, bursaries and 990's. If you're experiencing hardship or want to apply for a scholarship, fellowship, bursaries or grants then the Foundation Center can help find the right organization and then offer guidance on the application process and proposal.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee to getting online financial assistance, if you're experiencing extreme financial assistance then there's a good chance you might get help or even invaluable advice.

Top 100 American Foundations (51 to 60)

(1 to 10) (11 to 20) (21 to 30) (31 to 40) (41 to 50)

51. The Wallace Foundation 

52. Laura and John Arnold Foundation

53. The Starr Foundation

54. Daniels Fund

55. California Community Foundation

56. The Columbus Foundation and Affiliated Organizations

57. The Oregon Community Foundation 

58. Barr Foundation

59. Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

60. The Moody Foundation 

The best way to ask for online financial assistance is to go to these individual foundations to check what programs are available. Sometimes you can apply for the program online or print off an application form and send off. Other times you will have to write a hardship letter asking for help. Explain your present situation and hardship and then explain what help you need, finish the letter by describing what a difference this would make in your life.

If you're planning on asking these foundations for online financial assistance then please leave a comment below and feel free to share this with other people who might benefit from it. Also feel free to leave a comment asking for financial assistance as these guides are sometimes read by philanthropists who want to help. Good Luck.