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Foundations That Help Needy Families With Money 2013 & 2014 (With Contact Details)

If you're on a low income and have to support a large family there is a lot of help available if you look in the right places. One of the first places that you should visit is USA.Gov to see if you're entitled to any benefits or financial assistance packages. If you need cash now or are looking for online financial assistance you could try charitable foundations which have money to give away.

If you're looking to improve your career prospects then there are thousands of foundations which are offering scholarships, fellowships and internships to people who have little or no income. These foundations are funded by wealthy billionaires and rich millionaires who want to do their share of philanthropy. If you know where to look you could apply for these programs so that you can eventually lead a happier prosperous life.

Unfortunately there's no guarantee that you'll get any money and there might be several hoops that you have to jump through, sometimes if you're absolutely desperate and need cash now there might be immediate online financial assistance available. In this guide I have listed ten of the top one hundred American Foundations by asset size, these foundations have helped countless people in the past and continue to do so in the future. 

If you're thinking about contacting these foundations for online financial assistance then you must have a genuine need. This need might be help with bills, financial despair, homelessness, poverty, disaster and crisis. If you're experiencing one of these hardships then its worth contacting these foundations for money. If you need help with financial problems, debt relief, help paying mortgage or urgent financial assistance then it's also worth contacting these foundations for help.  

Feel free to share this guide with others that need help and please leave a comment below if you're thinking about applying to one of these foundations for help. Remember to leave a comment with your name and contact details and your request for help as these guides are sometimes picked up by rich philanthropists who want to help. Now, Without further ado here is the list.

Top 100 American Foundation (31 to 40)

(1 to 10) (11 to 20) (21 to 30)

31. Kimbell Art Foundation

32. John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

33. The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.

34. The McKnight Foundation

35. The Simons Foundation 

36. Casey Family Programs

37. The New York Community Trust

38. Richard King Mellon Foundation

39. The Cleveland Foundation

40. Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Please remember that these requests for money take time and the best way to start is by researching into the charitable foundation above to see if there are any programs that can help you. Alternatively you could send an email or a hardship letter requesting money, make sure you explain your hardship, what help you need and how it would change your life.

If you've decided to contact these foundations for help please leave a comment below so you can share your experience with others, feel free to bookmark this page and share with others who might benefit from it. Also don't forget to leave your name and contact details with details of your request for money as these guides are sometimes read by philanthropists who want to give money.


  1. If you're experiencing hardship please leave your name contact details and reason for requesting the money.

    If you want to help please contact these individuals direct with financial assistance.

    1. I am 47 years old i have 5 children , i became disabled in my early 20's so i am on a fixed income..but i still have three at home, a child that is 17,one that is 9 and now i have a grandchild who is almost 4. i have had him for three years now with out any help from his parents .they are not in his life at all for the last three he is mine now . but my two children still at home are athletes they both qualified for the aau jr olympics track and field in mich.this year 2013 july 26 thru aug. 3rd. but we live in la. we struggle to make it with nessessities . i would like to give them this opportunity this year but would need a sponsor .my son of 17 does work to earn his own money .but most of the time it has to go to help out,he finish 2nd in the national jr olympic trails in the decathlon .1st in javelin, 2nd in discus and 4th in daughter of 9 finished 4th in the triathlon,and 2nd in turbo javelin. for two states miss. and la. only the top 5 qualify for the jr. olympics . so what they have already done is amazing. they don't have a lot of the atvantages compared to the other children they compete against .but a GOD given talent .it would be heart breaking to see it go to waste because i am unable to finance their trip.if you would like to help please email me at

    2. Dear Sir,
      My name is Nuwan Sanjeewa. I'm a poor student. I have not money to do my high
      studies ahead. My mother is a ailing women and my father is a labour. I have two
      brothers and a sister. My father's salary is not much to keep our family. I am also try
      to do some jobs to find some money for my studies, but it's not a possible thing here
      because I have missed lot of lessons, lectures and my classes. So study is a very
      difficult thing for me. I can learn well and also love to learn well. Then I hope your deeply concern for me.

      This is my contact details:
      e-mail: (
      Tel: +94770627059 / +94255723846
      Address: 604/2, Kamkaru Mawatha, Mailagas Junction, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

      Thank you.

    3. my name is katrina. ive gone threw alot of hardships in the last few years. i am a mother of 4 girls. the hardships began nov. 15, 2011 when i lost my dad. i lost a part of my heart that day. jan. 9, 2012 i found out my boyfriend and father to my now 4 yr old was molesting my oldest daughter. i still cant get over it. ive lost my 2 oldest daughters because of it. ive lost almost everything. i suffer from severe depression and anxiety. i am homeless now even though i am staying at the ronald mcdonald house of northwest ohio now because i just had my 4th baby by another man that ended getting in trouble and is in jail. i have a problem with trusting the wrong people. i was only 25weeks along. she is expected to be in the nicu untill her due date which is oct. 27 at that time i will be homeless if i cant get any help. i would like the opportunity to help mothers that have had love ones molest there children and or mothers who have had children way too early somehow. i just dont have the money but i have the experiences and the knowledge to do so. please help me help myself and others. thank you for giving me this opportunity. my phone # is 15176730273.

  2. My name is Nataliya.i need help with money.i am mother with 2children.i can not find job.i have to move from apt because i split with partner.but i do not have money for deposit and month rent.i do not want to be homeless with 2 children.also money for food before i sort out all paper.3000 will give us phone. 00353876263914 or email
    thanks i appreciate help

  3. My name is Daniel Barona and im currently working on a project to help people but I don't have enough support and funds to make it happen. If you can please help in contributing in any amount, it would really help the people. Thank You

  4. Dear Sir,
    My name is Nuwan Sanjeewa. I'm a poor student. I need your help for my high
    studies. If I try, work with studies is a very difficult thing in here. I love to study in
    abroad with a part time job for aught because I can help to my family during my
    studies also. My family live with difficulty. I hope your deeply concern for me. If you
    can do some help for me please contact me on
    Thank you.

  5. My name is seth Penigar im 26 years old, I have a corner two bed room apt with five boys, ages are 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10, two of the boys are my own and three of the other boys are my sweet and loving girlfriends, we would like to get marryed but money always gets in our way and we put the kids 1st before us. the money will be used for catching up on all our bills and for me to Get my driver Licenses back so I can get back to work at my job as a moble DJ. my adress is 3206 Brian st apt 3 Eau Claire WI 54701. my Number is 715 271 8566. Thank you for reading.

  6. my name is jalisa, im 21 years old. i've recently just had a baby
    (june15, 2013) i had a high
    risk pregnancy so i was out
    of work. i have 2 other
    children 2 and 4 and 3 days
    after i got out of the
    hospital i was evicted from
    my home, my rent was
    raised to 1200.00 and i
    could not afford it. me and
    my family are now
    homeless and we need
    rental assistance to move
    into a new home. the
    shelters aren't accceting
    anyone and we are really in
    need of a new home

  7. My Name is Lillian Kelila, my husband n i have 3 girls, we live n a small village called Aniak in Alaska! We live in a small 1 bedroom house without runnin water n heat! My husband works but its barely gets us by! I myself am workin on gettin my GED n plannin on takin a course for business management! We dont really have any money, most if it goes to bill n things we need, mainly on bills n bank fees! Our girls always ask us why we cant by them anything or go anywhere, n its always sad too tell them we have no money for anything! So i ask please anyone who reads this to please have a kind heart n help me n my family out! My cell # is 907-676-0577, n my email is! Thanks very much!

  8. Im mother of 2 boy my16yr has a heart condition and my 4yr doesn't speak and is in the spectrum of autism. In 2008 we had to move a room in to parents home because our apartment flooded and we lost everything. That summer my husband was laid off a month later our car was hit by lighten so the little we saved while he was working so we can move out of the room we to buy a used car . My husband umemployment got cut off and found job delivering for nine dollars a hour. Then our 2003 enige blows. Now he will loss the only source of income we have. If any one can send us $13,000 to move and fix the car so we can get back on our feet it will save our lives. The past few years have been hell, I pray anyone really would care at all. Thanks

  9. I would like to be upfront and tell you that I provide ALL PROOF of my hardships!!

    Last year we were well on our way to getting on our feet! My husband was our only income. I actually got hired at a job that offered great hours that worked around my children's school schedules. This would have been enough to get us by and maybe even provide a little 'extra'. I was not able to start this job because of extreme behavior from my daughter when she found out about the job I was to start.
    I have no idea where to start. My daughter came to live with me 2 years ago. My ex only told me, "she wanted to live on a different planet, so your house is the best I could offer." He told me nothing else until she was on her way. My daughter has extreme emotional and mental issues that the doctors are placing blame rather than offering the help needed. I can prove this as well.
    Since she arrived after about 2 weeks, she started to 'act out'. I contacted a local mental health provider and got her involved in that system here. They tried medication, individual counseling, group therapy, intense home therapy, and a partial hospital program. NOTHING WORKED.
    The diagnosis my daughter was given before she got here was ADD, ADHD, ODD, RAD, Bipolar, and General Mood Disorder. Here she was given ADHD, ODD (that they didn't bother to tell me), General Mood Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety. No Medications or any type of therapies have helped her thus far.
    Long story shot, the State now has custody of her and she is living in a therapeutic residential care facility.

    Before the State retained custody of her she lived in my house torchering her little brother and doing everything she could to make things unlivable in our house. Her mental, emotional, and psychological warfare was completely unbelievable. All this had a very negative effect on my son, my husband, and killed our financial situation.

    We have no earthly idea what happened this past xmas break. All we know is that my son's school started calling us in regards to his behavior. He was not paying attention, getting up, etc.. ( FYI If you are thinking ADHD you are wrong. ADHD simply does not just appear like this.) We started to really listen to what was being said to him by his sister. She was saying things to him that amazed us. She told him that mommy and daddy will hurt him, that she was happy that papa is dead, and other horrible things!

    Bottom line with my son is we have to home school him this coming school year. We signed up for Connections Academy and have received all the material needed to do so. We are doing this to get him back on track with everything.

    Due to all these extreme behaviors our financial situation has become somewhere between poverty and the working poor. We DON"T qualify for government aid in any way because we literally make $70 a month too much. That means no food stamps, no medical care, no housing, no childcare, just nothing. We have had to choose between food or bills and sometimes rent. Our situation is less than paycheck to paycheck.

    Keep in mind, I can provide documentation to prove everything!

    We fell behind 3 months on everything. Here is a list of where we actually need:

    $1265 for rent. Our landlords are working with us but getting sick of it.
    $411 for Electric
    $187 for Gas/Heat winter is coming!
    $443 for Internet/Cable to keep it on so we can do the homeschooling ((once paid all will revert to basic!)) Note I might be off a little on this one.

    For a total of $2306

    I have set up a paypal account IF anyone is interested in helping us. If you need to contact me for more details or have me provide proof of my hardships please email putting Hardship in the subject.



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  12. I am a father of 3 2 girls and 1 baby boy. I really have fell on hardship when my wife lost her job last month and my job cut hours tremendously. I've tried looking for a 2nd job but no luck there, I'm on the verge of being evicted within 2 weeks I have a total of $500 to my name. If there is anybody out there that can help plz respond to me at if you need proof I can email you the pictures of all my proof please if there is anyone that can help..

  13. I'm a U.S.A. veteran in need as so many veterans are in this county . I have been denied service connection many times while I was still able to work but none the less with disabilities.The DVA claims they don't exist.. Despite having to prove over and over aging they do exist, they deny . I recently applied again with more proof and having spine surgeryDec,5 th related to my injuries left me unable to work for more than 12 weeks . My sister who takes care of me full time cant work either because she is taking care of my many aliments in her home. She is facing loose of her home in the mist of all this. veterans don't ask for much just help with basic bills, the home while we are still here runs completely on electricity ,if cut off I cant use my hospital bed nor the seep apnea machine I use. There is literally no help on the local level. I have called many local and national organizations who though they get donation to help veterans only offer referrals to other organizations who can't help. We are in financial hard ship and on the verge of homelessness. I m diabetic and am running out of food , car insurance is past due we need the car to get me to the hospital appointments any help is help appreciated thank you in advance. cell phone is due and without that I can't make calls for help . I have been at this for a month now with no results.

  14. Hi Im Charles from houston Tx. I am a single parent of a beautiful 12yr old girl. I worked offshore in the oil field for the last 6 years and made good money. Four years ago i got a phone call from a judge telling me to come downtown a.s.a.p..I knew it was not good because a judge dont make phone calls. When i got there the judge told me some horrible things were going on in the house my child lived in and order her to be took from the mother and given to me and at that time me and my daughter knew little about one another.1year later i was granted full custody of my daughter and on that day she said dad i have a dream for us to live in a nice house instead of our tiny apartment. 4months ago i made a choice to leave offshore work and get a job on land because she needed more of my time because i worked 4weeks offshore and 1or2 weeks off on land and also mother had her while i was at sea so mom needed a break. So i left work cashed out my 401k ,got an apartment because the home buying was a nightmare with my bad credit. I paid up 3months rent up front and 3months up of car note, enrolled in school to become a nuclear medical technologist and looked for work after school. Four months passed so quick and i still had no job. Bills were coming up so for weeks i begged to my family & every church for help but with no job they all said they cant help & some were in the same boat as me. With tears in my eyes i told my daughter we had to move out because dad was broke, and with tears forming in hers as well right then and there i was heart broken for us. The next morning were both getting ready for school and as were leaveing out the door the apartment mangt says she has to put a lock on the door. While shes saying that im looking at the parking lot for my car but it was gone!!. I called to report it stolen only to find out that a mechanic that i owed 150$ too for fixing my car had made a deal with a 3rd party for the parts that i thought he already paid for. He put my car up for collateral for parts from a third party i never !! ever!! agreed to. The police wont help me, they say its a civil matter and a lawyer cost money i dont have. My car has been in storage almost 6weeks now & is 4,500$ as of today to get out. Mechanic i owe 150$ says he wants 400$ for late fees, 3rd party wants 700$ for parts late fees, storage place wants 1,500$ for tow and paper work fees, 400 for making a new key plus tax, $1,200 for 6 weeks of storage fees & 35$ a day untill i get it out, I think i only have about 2weeks left befor they sale it, plus im behind on car notes. This feels like a bad dream, me and my daughter moved in with my sister and her kids. I feel like i have failed on showing my daughter, all she ever wanted was for us to live in a house and be a family. I always told my daughter never to begg from anyone!!!! but i have no choice today but to begg. Im embarrassed as a man & father to be doing this. I think of al the things i did good in life like feeding the homeless because i wanted to, not because people were looking. Good things like not killing the man who hurt my daughter, good things like finding a wallet and re turning it to the owner. Why me?? i done good things.Sometimes i feel like i can't go another day. But i remember to Never!! doubt in the dark what GOD told me in the light. someone help us! if not with money then help with a prayer. I just wanna get 4,500 to get my car back and 1.500 for late car notes.. I just want to finish school and find a job ,All i want is our dream again, Contact and please no scams,all im getting from people on this site is scams who want all my info like my ss# please no scams it hurt to get emails from some of you who scam, one so called pastor sent me a fraud check :( how could you play with my freedom after I already told you Im a single parent.

  15. request for money to save my totak earning of the life.
    Respected Madam / Sir,

    Firstly I give you my small introduction .I am 43 Years old Salaried Person My income is very low my salary is this time is only 8,000/- (Indian Rupees )per month .I live In Ropar (Punjab)( India) Since last eight years. My life is going to be simple & good but from last three months I had in deep trouble. At 20.11.2013 I take decision that now I plan for small own Home for this purpose I made an agreement with Mr.Ranjit singh Who is owner of that house whom I decided to purchase it. This decision not good for me According this Agreement I give Two Lac.(Indian Rupees) on same day & want three months time to pay rest of money Eight Lac (Indian Rupees) whom I planned to borrow from bank. But that Person did not disclose that this house is in under redline(The Property Which Have No Legal Records In Registry Department). Bank refused to pay me any type of loan against this house due to under redline property. Now I am frustrated because my all saving is now going to be vanish.

    I request you Kindly help me for facing this great trouble .Kindly give me financial help to sort-out this problem.

    Your’s Faithfully

    Gurvinder Singh

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  18. My name is Kelly, I'm a single mother of a 16 year old and a 6 year old. I am currently on the out of work list with the Grocery Union due to no car. My car was recently stolen and totaled. I only had liability insurgence because my car was 20 years old. My children go to 2 different schools and currently struggling to get them there on time. I had to take my daughter out of her regular activities due to no transportation. I have very little funds to be able to get our family a reliable car, so I am reaching out for help to save me and my kids from being prisoners of our home. Please if there is somebody out there that is willing to sponsor us during our time of need please help me and my children get back on track. Thank You.

  19. My name is Marcus Dsouza and I am from India and am looking for someone who can financially help me for 50000 US $, bcos my family condition is very very worst, if you can help please do email me at ( I am from a very very poor family and we are all in 6 members and I hardly earn 100 $, if you can help me I shall be highly grateful and thankful to you.

    Looking forward towards your positive response from your side


  20. My name is Daisy mother of three Boys, working in a reputed school as a teacher. My husband was working in a company as supply chain officer. we are married since 15yrs, from that time we are facing our hardship towards financially. we struggled so much to bring up our kids but every time we fail, not able to pay the fees in proper time always late payment. because of this my sons are under frustration, on seeing this we are also totally frustrated. now after all this my husband lost his job, we are shattered,we even decided to take our lives thinking unfit parents but Gods grace and the faith on him has kept us alive,our children future also triggered in us. its admission time we need to pay for our kids education before 2nd week of may 2014. we tried every were no one is to help us. i want my sons to gain proper education, because of us i dont want them to suffer, feel husband is a very talented person,his communication talent is excellent, he is also looking for job (anywhere in the world) why i say this is because we ready to move anywhere and do anything for the sake of our kids.if any one can help my husband to get a permanent job (supply chain and logistics) we as family will be very grateful to you. now in urgent need of money for admission for 9th grade son and 3rd grade twins (Rs.1.5 lakhs) please help us.. looking forward for kind hearted people to mail me (

  21. Hi we really need your help to get our home back ASAP we were promised funds from a couple in the USA and we sent them £2700 as proof that we were genuine and they were sending us £41, 000 but the lady died last week and we are desperate now as we have 3 young boys and have been living in a tent since February and nationwide building society want £30, 000 tomorrow morning or we lose everything please help us now as a matter of urgency!! Thanks for taking time to read this message and we hope you can help us today to get our family home back immediately!!! Xx



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