Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Free Money: Hundreds of Millionaires Are Giving Their Money Away to Individuals

It really is true, you really can get free money from hundreds of millionaires who are giving away their extra cash to individuals. In this guide we look at all the millionaires, billionaires, and philanthropists as well as corporate philanthropists who are all giving away their money with no strings attached. 

If you're thinking about asking these generous people for help then you must have a genuine need, most of these requests for money fall on deaf ears because most of the requests come from con artists, if you don't have a genuine need then you wont get any money. 

A genuine legitimate need would include help with help with bills, medical treatment, scholarships, disaster, crisis, financial despair, and abuse.

Where Can I Find Hundreds of Millionaires?

Some of the best places to find these millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists include The Giving Pledge, The Forbes Philanthropy List and the Top 50 American Philanthropists by Business Week Magazine. 

I have bookmarked some articles below which will give you one hundred millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists who give money away, the guides will also contain the contact details so that you can contact them direct, please leave a comment below if you're thinking about contacting these millionaires, sometimes these comments are picked up and help is given, that's the reason why so many people experiencing hardship leave comments on articles like these.

One Hundred Millionaires Who Give Money Away
#1: Ask Bill Gates for Some Money
#2: Can I Ask Warren Buffett for Money?
#: Find Philanthropists in Your Country or State

Free Money from Celebrities No Strings Attached

You can even ask celebrities for money, celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres have given away free cars, free homes, free education and so much more. I have bookmarked some guides below which have contact details of celebrities who love to give away free money with no strings attached.

#1: How Do I Ask Oprah for Money?
#2: Can I Ask Ellen for Money?
#3: Ask Jami Gertz & Antony Ressler for Money
#4: Ask Herp Alpert for Money
#5: Ask Mel Gibson for Money
#6: Ask George Lucas for Money

Free Money from the Government 

The government also has programs to help low income individuals and families, if you're experiencing hardship or you've lost your job or are in a crisis or disaster then the government can help. If you're in financial despair you should visit the USA.Gov website to see what help you're eligible for. Here are some guides to help if you're experiencing hardship. From USA.Gov you can apply for mortgage assistance programs, military financial assistance, financial assistance for pensioners, you can also get advice and guidance on debt management and debt consolidation. 

#1: I Need Help With Food for My Family
#2: I Cant Pay the Rent This Month What Shall I Do?
#3: Where Car I Get a Free Car For My Needy Family

If your thinking about contacting millionaires celebrities or even billionaires then please leave a comment below, sometimes these requests for help are seen by people who want to help. Please leave your name contact details and reason for requesting the money.