Monday, 1 July 2013

Millionaires Who Give Money in Your Country 2013 & 2014

If you're thinking about contacting rich millionaires, wealthy billionaires, philanthropists or corporate philanthropy teams for help then you need to find a list of people who can help you in your country. I love researching wealthy people and profiling them and I love connecting people to philanthropists who might give them help. 

One of the best tools that I use when locating rich people is the Forbes Philanthropy Rich list. This list is one of the largest databases which contains nearly all the richest people in the world, it also includes those who are on the Forbes radar and are looking to break into the millionaires and billionaires club. If you're thinking about asking rich people for money then this list is indispensable. Please feel free to leave a comment below asking these people for help as these articles sometimes go viral and end up being read by the billionaire, don't forget to add your name, hardship, email address and how much you need. Good Luck. 

Finding Millionaires in Your Country 

The database of millionaires and billionaires in Forbes allows you to search so you can find the rich people in your country, you can also find rich people in America broken down into States. 

Another great feature is that you can search for particular millionaires and billionaires according to the industry that they are in. 

Using this tool you should be able to find all the millionaires and billionaires in your country, you should also be able to find the philanthropists in your states. 

A search for millionaires and billionaires in New York City will reveal philanthropists like Michael Bloomberg, Carl Icahn and many more.

Finding Philanthropists in Your State

One of the best things about using this tool is that you can find all the philanthropists who are located in your area, the likelihood of receiving financial assistance from a millionaire or billionaire who lives close to you is far greater than receiving help from people who live thousands of miles away.  The screenshot below is courtesy of Forbes Rich List, you can see that there are filters on the left hand side, it is those filters that you can use to find millionaires, billionaires, and philanthropists in your country and state.

How To Ask Philanthropists For Money

Once you've got your head around using the database you should find all the millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists in your country or in your state. Copy and paste all the rich people onto a spreadsheet and then research into finding the charitable foundation which they run or are aligned to.

Once you've got all the contact details of all the philanthropists in your country or state you can start asking them for help. You must have a genuine hardship if your thinking about asking these people for money. A genuine hardship would include help with medical bills, help with medical treatment, disaster recovery, abuse, financial despair, homelessness and poverty.

You can either apply for a program direct from the philanthropists charitable foundation website or you could contact them with a hardship letter. A hardship letter should contain details of your hardship, your present circumstances and how you got yourself into despair. You should request help and then explain how you would use the money and finish off by describing what a difference this would make to your life. If you can convince the philanthropists that you are a worthy cause and you're experiencing a genuine hardship then there is a good chance that you'll get money.

I have linked some pre-populated searches below that you can use to find millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists.

1. American Millionaires Who Give Money
2. British Millionaires Who Give Money
3. Indian Millionaires Who Give Money
4. Chinese Millionaires Who Give Money

Don't forget to leave a comment asking these rich people for help, sometimes these end up being read by philanthropists. Make sure you leave your name, address, contact details, your hardship and how much you need. Good Luck.