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Rich People Giving Money Away in 2013/2014 (With Contact Details)

If you need cash now and are looking for online financial assistance then you should consider grant making foundation from rich people giving money away. 

If you fallen on hard times and are experiencing financial despair, homelessness, disaster, crisis, unpaid medical bills then you can turn to these organizations for help.

If you've sought financial assistance through the government and have no friends and family members to turn to you can and should ask these non profit agencies for money.

I have included some of the largest foundations in the USA in terms of asset size; if you're experiencing difficulties then you can contact them for help. 

It's important to bear in mind that these requests for help take time to process and there are many stages you must pass before you get help. 

Sometimes if you're in a desperate position and need cash now then online financial assistance may be given quicker.

Please feel free to use the comments facility below if you're thinking about applying to these foundations for assistance. 

These guides are sometimes read by philanthropists who want to help so make sure you leave your name, contact details and reason for requesting help.

Top 100 Foundations in American (11 to 20)

11. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

12. The William Penn Foundation 

13. The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust

14. Tulsa Community Foundation

15. The California Endowment 

16. The Rockefeller Foundation 

17. The Kresge Foundation 

18. The Bloomberg Family Foundation, Inc. 

19. Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, Inc.

20. The Duke Endowment

#: Top 100 Foundations (1 to 10)

The best strategy for requesting money is to visit these foundations one by one to check if there are any programs that could help you. If there are programs that offer help to your hardship you can apply for them. Alternatively you could send a hardship email asking them for urgent cash assistance. On the hardship letter you should explain your present circumstances and how you got into hardship, you then need to request money and explain why you need help, finally end the letter by describing how any donation would be life changing for you.

As mentioned earlier please feel free to bookmark this page and feel free to send it to other people who might benefit from the information. If you're thinking about asking these foundations for help please leave a comment below, you can also ask for help here as these guides are sometimes read by people who want to help, make sure you include you name, contact details and reason for requesting the money.


  1. Please leave a comment here if you're experiencing hardship, please leave your name, contact details and reasons for requesting the money.

    If you're a philanthropist and want to help then please contact these people direct.

    Thank You.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Shania Vance, I am a 18 and a new mother. On March 23,2013 my son came into this world without him knowing that I was made to leave his father 2000 miles across the country to live with his grandmother and aunt(my mother and sister.But two weeks prier to me having my son his father and I made it work out and stayed together, his parents drove him the 2600+ miles so he could be here for his sons birth.I went 6+ months without him by my side being judged for being a teen mother. My sons fathers parents did two different trips and spent over $6000.00 to come and get us after I had turn 18 so his father and I could raise him as a family instead of miles and miles apart. Leaving my family was one of the hardest choices I have made in my life. But my mother is now getting ready to go through a surgery to help her weight and my grandfather only has so much time on this earth. Being 2000 miles away from them make it hard. My son was a month old when we left my mothers house. With everything going on we live in Yuma, Arizona and my sons father is trying desperately to get a job but it is very difficult to get a job here, his parents work 30+ hours a week and have no money in savings from having to make those trips to get us. But though it sounds crazy, I was raised as a true southern girl, family is everything no matter what happens. My mother is wanting desperately to see my son and I again. But my sons fathers parents just dont have the money to send us up to Jacksonville, North Carolina for my son and I to visit family.
    I know there is a high possibility that no one will want to give us the money for my son and I to make this trip but, I dont want my grandfather going without meeting his greatgrandson and my mother having to get ready for this surgery without her oldest daughter supporting her by her side.
    I feel terrible that neither I or my sons father can help his parents out financially, especially since they spent almost the entire savings in traveling back and forth.
    The people in my life are generous caring and loving people. They will do anything to make us happy. But financially we are struggling right now. It would be a great honor if any one out there could help us out! Plus it would be amazing to give back to his parents for everything they did and do for my son and I.
    If you could help us out we will be forever greatful!
    My contact information is:
    cell: 928 581 0911
    address: 284 E. 25th Street 85364 Yuma, Arizona

    And again if any one out there can help us I personally will be grateful. Thank you for your time in reading this. Also I did use my sons fathers google account since I can not remember my information on that account.

    -Shania D. Vance

  3. This is really hard for me to ask for any help from anyone because I have to much pride. I am 27 single, right now I am struggle to pay my rent and bills. There is not much help for single individuals who do not have kids. I have never had issues with paying my bills. I just graduated college. I had a internship and worked full time. I'm intern decided to hire me as a paid intern, so I went part time at full time. I took the chance because maybe I could get hired on, but come to find out, that they didn't get all there funding, so I lost the job. When I came part time I lost a 2 dollar pay cut and my benefits. I can barley get 28 hours a week there, since i'm part time. I have applied for a second job for over two months and had interviews, but nothing. I had money saved up for mergency, but I help my sister and her kids move out of the domestic abuse. I am and desperate need of help immediately, I am behind in rent and I am facing homeless. I have been taking care of myself, since I got out of foster care of my senior high school. I have always taken care of myself and never had to ask anyone for help. I feel helpless, that i'm just desperate for help and a shame because I feel like a failure. please someone, I'm at my last string.
    I'm not asking for much I just need $2500.00 or anything you can give me.

  4. My name is Kristina Mitrovic, I live in a small town in Serbia called
    Jagodina, and I am 19 years old. I am reaching out to you in a moment of
    desperation, and I can see nothing that can get me and my family out
    of that, other than this.
    My father is 52 years old, and works in a factory for a monthly salary of around $350 (30.000 Serbian dinars). My mother is 47 years old and unemployed (but
    searching for a job every day for the last 2 years). My sister is 23 years old and in college. Our family is in a massive amount of ever-growing debt, without any indication that it will ever start to decrease. The financial situation in Serbia is
    terrible, with a lot of people unemployed or working for minimal wage,
    and the only hope of leading a normal life here is having a college
    degree. I have just entered a university to study programming, so I
    don't remain in the vicious circle that my family is trapped in.
    Nearly all of my father's salary goes to our flat lease. We owe more
    than $1300 (1000 euros) for heating and electricity. Since 2008, we've
    been living solely off of cash loans from banks and our friends, to
    whom we owe more than 5000 euros ($6600). We can't raise more loans
    from banks, because we're already paying off 5 of them (the biggest
    one is for the flat with just under $30.000 left, and three more cash
    loans, a 1000 euros each). We can't borrow money from our friends
    either, because we already owe to all of them.
    My parents are in an immensely difficult psychical condition, they
    can't see a way out of this situation, and I can already see the
    stress on their faces, eating them inside. And now it will be even
    harder for them because they have to support my studies too, because
    without a college degree there is no hope for a normal life here. I am
    very embarrassed to ask this, but I need financial help. The amount of 30.000 euros ($39.600) would definitely help us stand on our feet,
    reach a positive zero, and avoid the repo men from the heating and
    electricity companies coming to take all of our belongings. I know
    this is too much to ask, and honestly it seems impossible to me, but
    this is the last thing that I, with my 19 years of age, can try to do
    to save my family.
    Thank you very much if you took the time to read my story. If you even considered donating, but are unable to, I am still so grateful for your kind-heartedness. If you have donated, there are no words that can describe my gratefulness and I wish you and your family all the best things this world can offer. Thank you!


    My indiegogo campaign:

  5. hello, my name is Muhammad and i have financially problems from last years,i m not working proper , i got it loan from TSB bank, now my job quit and bank is demanding money, but how can i pay this money,its 3000 pounds, now reming balance is 2500 pounds hai, but i cant pay, i borrow some money from my friends i have big family in pakistan, ,i dnt have any other sources of income,i swear of my allah i m really upset, every time thinking , i dnt know , what i do now, i m really upst, every body demanding money, at the moment i borrow total money 5500 pounds hai, but i dnt know who can to pay, pleas pleas help me any body, any body contact the TSB bank as well , pleas i m really upst,pleas help me,

  6. hello,
    my name vina.. I'm law student, I was in need of money to pay for college and that my father was sick now. we urgently need money now $ 3000, my mother did not work for my father sickly so it can not work. please help me, I have to pay tuition on 2 January 2014. please help me, hopefully most beautiful Christmas gift giving this year. is there anything that will lend money to me, please contact me .. a little help from you really helped me

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  8. Emergency Help Please For a Family of Five

    My name is Chris Linden and I really need help!!! I’m married 20yrs with three children. We have always been able to take of ourselves and now that we are on hard times in this big world there is no help. We are afraid and I have tried all resources in Barrow County Georgia and all I hear is no, no, no, no. I can’t believe this is America!!!

    We have given to the needy all the time when we had. Things have gone downhill since my husband lost his job in 2009. We have lost our home of 10yrs through foreclosure and have been renting for the past 2yrs. We have no money to make it through January and February 2014 and I feel lost, alone and afraid because I am lost on what to do. This world is just too big to not have resources for people who are trying and hit hard times.

    We have always been able to take care of ourselves including going without necessities to keep a roof over our heads. I am truly seeking help. I never in all my life thought I would be in a position of begging people for help never ever did I have these thoughts.

    I am seeking help to prevent homelessness and I am turning to you or anyone you know for help. We are hungry and do not have the rent money which is already past due. It was due January 9, 2014. Please, please can someone help us in the name of the Divine One can someone help us? Please help.

    With Love,
    Chris Linden
    Winder Ga 30680

    I am an older, single dad, (will be 60 this year) raising my two daughters who are 9 and 6 years old. I had cancer surgery in (August 2013). There were complications from that and I had to have another surgery to correct it. I'm slowly healing, but it's taking a while. I'm in pain a lot, but I'm keeping up a good face for my girls. These health issues have caused unexpected expenses and I have gotten behind in just about everything. The money I get from disability was already barely enough to make ends meet. At this moment we are in danger of having our water and power cut off, as well as facing eviction. In addition, I have a medical bill that needs to be paid, but I'll have to worry about that later. Right now we just need to be secure in a living space. I tell my girls everything will be alright, and that God will help us. I started to tell them about our Forever House, where we won't have to move from. Please help us stay in our home. God bless you

    Herman, Mary and Grace's Dad

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