Sunday, 18 May 2014

I Need $1000 Dollars Right Now I Will Do Anything

If you desperately need $1000 right now then there are a number of options that you could explore. The first thing that you should try to do is buy some time. If you've got a weeks deadline then the chances of getting the money will be lower compared to getting the money within a month. If you're getting harassed for money then you should talk to your lender and express your dissatisfaction, you should also talk to your friends and family to see if you can borrow the money interest free.

Solution 1: Check Your Savings & Deposit Accounts

The first place you should go to is your savings account or current account, you do not want to borrow the money and pay interest on it, if you've got the money in savings it makes sense use the money that you have.

Solution 2: Find a Low Rate Loan

If you don't have any money then there are a number of lenders that you can go to. First try to apply for a personal loan on normal terms where the APR is realistic, if you've got bad credit then you should try to apply for payday loans, car title loans, if you're really desperate then you can take a cash advance from your credit card however they rate of interest will be very high. With payday loans you will be paying anything between 1000% to 4000% APR on short term, with a auto car title loan you'll risk losing your car if you cant keep up the payment.

Solution 3: Sell Some Valuable Items 

You should also consider selling items, if you can sell your clutter to raise money it will help towards your $1000 target. If you've got valuables like gold and silver then you can sell these items at local pawn brokers. If you've got electronics then you can use retail outlets such as Cash Converters to liquidate the item. Selling designer items on eBay and Craigslist can help you raise money quickly.

Solution 4: Sell Services Door-to-Door

You could also offer your service, you could try knocking door to door and offer to do any odd jobs around a person's house, make sure you're in your neighborhood or community so you can share your story, most of the time when explain that you're from the same neighborhood community members are much more accommodating.

Solution 5: Take Part in Clinical Trials

Another way to generate $1000 fast is to take part in clinical trials. You should visit the USA Gov Clinical Trials Website which lists all the clinics who need volunteers to trial their drugs. All these clinics have been approved by the Government so payment will be prompt and you will not be given any illegal substances. You can make anything between $100 and $5000 depending on the trial and how long it goes on for.

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