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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I Need More Money (Part 9) - Create Software to Earn More Money

This post is Part 9 of the 20 Part Mini Series for people who need to earn more money. I receive a tonne of emails every day asking questions such as I need more money please help! and, How Can I Earn More Money? After answering as many emails as I can I decided to write a 20 post mini series sharing ideas on how to generate large amounts of money. These short sweet posts are ideas you can use to earn 10,000 dollars per month eventually. It wont happen overnight however if you persist and endeavour you will eventually reach your goal. All these ideas are legal and legitimate and you can build them into long term profitable business systems. So, without further ADO here is IDEA 9. Good Luck on earning more money!

IDEA 9: Create Software: Earn 10,000 Dollars Per Month

Software applications are still being downloaded today and people are willing to pay top money for useful software. Metastock which is an stock market analysis software sells for anything between $500 and $1000 and you have to pay extra monthly subscription for the price feed. Keyword research software sells for anything between $50 and $200 and there is a lot of demand because everybody wants to make money on the internet. Creating a software like Microsoft Office could make you a billionaire! This business is definitely worth considering if you want to earn more money every month and become very rich.

You have to start by doing research. You must find a need and then satisfy that need using a software solution. Alternatively you could find a brilliant piece of software which is selling and then make it even better by putting your own spin on it. Once you've got your idea you need to hire a developer who is able to turn your idea into reality. Developers can be hired from developing countries for next to nothing and they are well qualified to do a good job. Once you've created your software all you need to then do is create a site to promote the software and then promote the site relentlessly. The more effort you put in there more money you can make. Suppose you have a software that you can sell for $200 and you receive 200 downloads per month you could make $40,000 per month. There are developers making this and more on a monthly basis and it is entirely possible.

If I need more money in the future this is something I will consider. If you're asking questions such as How can I earn more money? and I need to make money now! then this is something worth considering to eliminate all your money problems. It does take time to make money from software however if you really believe in your idea this will become a quick money making system.  

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