Thursday, 20 February 2014

I Need Help With Money Right Now - Desperately Seeking Financial Assistance

If you need help with money right now, this instance and you're desperately seeking financial assistance then there are organizations, people and agencies that can help you. If you're in a high risk category which includes unemployed, homeless, in poverty or in need of medical treatment you might be eligible for financial assistance. 

I would recommend that you read the article I Need Help With Money Right Now Please Help Me as this includes a lot of financial assistance information. In this article we look at the growing trend of crowd-sourcing to get financial assistance if you're desperate for money. Please make sure you bookmark this article so you can revisit it when you need to and feel free to share with people who might find it useful. Just a quick reminder that you need to read the article above before you consider this strategy.

I Need Help With Money Right Now

If you're looking for more options to raise money for your personal financial despair then you should consider turning to the internet for help. With the internet you can reach millions of people who are willing to share their money to help their fellow human beings in need. If you're struggling with your finances and need help with money and you've got a legitimate need then there is a good chance that you'll get financial assistance. 

Fund Anything

Fund Anything is a site which was founded by Donald Trump and allows people to post their hardship and then ask people for financial assistance, you can start raising money today for anything reasonable. If you're in a crisis or have no money because you've made some bad decisions you can turn to this site for help.

Ask Other People if You Need Urgent Financial Assistance

The first step is to determine your need, do you really have a hardship where you need financial assistance? If you're experiencing poverty, financial despair, crisis, homelessness or even disaster then there is a need. If you need money to pay off your debt and your financially stable then there is lower chance of getting money right now. The great thing about this site is that you can try your luck.

Once you've determined your need you need to sit down and write a hardship profile which should explain how you got yourself into hardship. Explain in detail your journey into hardship, then explain why you need money and how it would really make a difference to your life. Your aim is to share your story and raise money for your need. Don't be too greedy and explain exactly how you would use the money to improve the quality of your life.

Once you've written your hardship you need to create a hardship video and post it online. You need to describe passionately why you should be eligible for help, again explain why you need the money and how it would make a difference to your life. The video should take the viewer on a journey into your life and make them want to help you, remember to share everything and be honest. The video above is a great example.

Once you've got your profile up and running you should start promoting your hardship, use social network such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other sites to share your hardship. The more views you get the more money you could make. 

More Sites Where You Can Ask for Money

If you need help right now there are other sites which will help to convey your hardship message especially if you're seeking desperate financial assistance. You can find the full list of sites where you can ask for money by visiting the resources pages on the main menu. 
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